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Author Topic: God's Will  (Read 5494 times)

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God's Will
« on: December 09, 2006, 04:51:52 PM »

I've heard allot of  people  ask the question what is Gods will for they're lives?
This is my question as well, what is Gods Will?
Is it our own will?
If we live a holy life wont we be in the Will of God what ever we do?
Could you please give me some in site on this question, I've read all of your writings and its caused me to search for answers more than ever.
I've found that in the past ,I've more less believed the teachings of others and never read the bible for myself. Its great to read and see that the bible is nothing like I've  been taught. I'm tired of living according to  teachers ,preachers . I want to live according to what God wants, and what the Bible actually teaches.Your site has been very informative.Thanks T

Dear Teresa:

If you will read or reread my four-part series on "The Myth of Free Will Exposed," you will know a great deal about the will of God. I am now going to teach you something very very profound, so listen carefully:

EVERYTHING that happened in your life, in the past, WAS God's purpose for your life at that time.

EVERYTHING that will happen in your life, in the future, WILL BE God's purpose for you at that time.

Then why do anything? Why try? Why care? Why be good? Why study?  Why pray? For WHAT?

Here is where viritually all Christians and all theologians and all ministers turn their minds off.

What you did in the past was influenced and caused by your environment of the past.

What you do in the future will be influenced and caused by your environment of the future.

What you are hearing and learning from is one of those environmental

happenings that will have an effect on your future. You may not see how, but God does.

If God is choosing you as one of the called/chosen/elect/few, then you WILL respond

to the information and circumstances that God Himself will be directing in your life.

If you desire to stop sinning and start obeying God, then that being CAUSED in your

heart and mind, and you have no idea were and when it really began. God knows.

This is a subject for a 300 page book, not a short email. Hope you understand. Keep reading.

God be with you,

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