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Author Topic: Defend Ourselves?  (Read 2331 times)

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Defend Ourselves?
« on: December 10, 2006, 12:16:28 PM »

> Hello Ray,
> Cheers to your spreading the truth! I really admire someone with
> intelligence.
> A quick question, please. If we are to love our enemy, does that mean we
> should not defend ourselves?
> Scenario: A person breaks into your house and attacks your family. Should we
> not fight off the attack?
> Thank you, Matt

Dear Matt:
That's a fair question, and I do not wish to offend you in any way for asking it, but let me use your email as a teaching tool for others as well, okay?  I really hate answering hypothetical questions. Five minutes ago while having my coffee and watcing the morning new,  Chris Wallace asked Jim Baker, "IF the President were to put YOU in charge of negotiations between the US and Iran, how would you go about it?"  Mr. Baker said: "The President won't put me in charge, so I won't be doing any negotiations." When asked a second time, he replied, "I don't answer hypothetical questions.."
I have seen people backed into corners over hypothetical questions. Not that you are doing that, but if I were to put say some "limitation" on the amount of force to be used in this hypothetical family attack, let's say "hypothetically 5 pounds" of force, then the question would be, "But what if the situation reqauired 5 pounds and 1 ounce to be administered?"  What about 5 pounds and 2 ounces? 3 ounces?  What if it were a situation in which one had to shoot a person in the head with a 57 Magnum or your whole family would die? Would you shoot him? What if your family would die and the whole city with them, unless you personally would SHOOT this person?  "What if one shot in the head would SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD, would you do it, Ray?"
You know what? I don't think I want to answer hypothetical questions either. God said that we should not try to rehearse in our minds just what we would say if brought before a board of persecutors, neither do I think we need to try and rehearse what we would do if someone broke into our home. You don't know what you would do, number one, and most would not follow my advice anyway, number two. Jesus didn't say: "If a bully strikes your little girl on her right cheeck, turn to him the left cheek of your daughter also," now did He? Although, someone will now probably ask, "But what would you do, Ray, if that happened?" You know it is possible to physically defend oneself and one's family without "hating" the offender.
Trust me when I say that if it has not yet happened, it will, when your faith with be tried in a way that is just between you and your God, and there won't even be time to send me an email.  Bottom line: Don't try to come up with 'hypothetical' situations in which you think that the laws of God and the ways of God would not be fair, or practical, or logical, and therefore would have to be changed, altered, or just totally thrown away as useless in practical, real life situations. The shame is that many people who have used alternative measures to God's ways, and have failed in so doing, will never know how things would have been different had they just trusted God in the first place.  It is oh so true, that "we learn obedience by the things WE SUFFER."
God be with you,
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