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Author Topic: Polygamy  (Read 3160 times)

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« on: December 12, 2006, 09:25:01 AM »

SUBJECT:  Polygamy

Hi! Ray,

       I have read your imput on polygamy and I would like you to post this with
your response so other will learn the truth. In order for one to innerstand
GOD'S WORDS on polygamy, we have approach this topic from the pagan/heathen
meaning of one word which is FORNICATION. They say that fornication means, 'SEX
before marriage which is immoral.' Where is the scripture? there is none. As you
said that's one of the 'idol of the heart.'  The WORDS say do not add or subract
from GOD'S scriptures, so we have to be careful of the PAGAN/HEATHEN meaning of
the word. Match scriptures with scriptures, spiritual with spiritual. Scripture
doen't interpret itself you have to have WITNESSES. Let us look at 1COR. 5:1
(K.J.V).  This give you one meaning of FORNICATION.  FORNICATION have serveral
meaning to find out the BIBLE MEANING you have to go to LEV. 18 (o.T.) There is
no meaning as sex before marriage as being immoral. Where did this meaning come
from? 'IDOL of the HEART'.

COMMENT: Oh really?  The word "fornication" is found only four times in the

King James Old Testament and not once in the Law of Moses, but with reference

spiritual fornication with the nations. This does not mean, however, that

fornication, adultery, and whoredom are not condemned in the Old Testament.

The word translated "fornication"in II Chron. 21:11 is the Hebrew word "zahnah"

and it is translated "whore, whoring, whoredom, and harlot" over 80 times, and

yes, IT WAS A SIN! Whether one was single before marriage and having sex with

a whore, or being married and having sex with a whore. Now then, your selection

of I Cor. 5:1 for the word "fornication" is taken from the Greek word "porneia"

(from which we get our word pornography), and it means "harlotry, adultery,

incest." The Bible doesn't teach that "porneia" is "PRE-marrital sex." That

is your attempt to build a strawman. Porneia can be any kind of sinful sex.

Homosexuality is "porneia," as is PRE-marital sex and EXTRA-marital sex, even

though the word "porneia" doesn't mean by definition "sex before marriage."

Splitting someone's head open with an electric guitar is against the law even

if there is no specific law stating that it is illegal to split someone's head

open with an electric guitar. Am I going too fast for you?

I have no intention in wasting my time on the rest of your unscriptural nonsense.

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