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Author Topic: Church  (Read 1828 times)

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« on: December 13, 2006, 08:35:15 AM »

    Dear L Ray


    I have just read with interest your article ‘"You Fools! You Hypocrites! You Snakes!" and found in it many similarities to my own conclusions regarding the scriptures and many points I have delivered to the congregation myself.


    The only thing that irritated me about your style was your implied assertion that you are yourself not a member of ‘the church’. Surely you must be aware that it is quite impossible to become a servant of The Servant without also being a member of His church.


    I, of course appreciate that your combative rhetorical style requires a ‘windmill’ against which to ‘tilt’ but however degenerate ‘the church’ has become, there is nowhere else to ‘be’ if you are to be in Christ, because it is HIS CHURCH. Truly I agree it is a field full of wheat AND tares but the tares will remain until The Lord and his angels do something about them, it is not our job to root them out or the duty of wheat to try to march off into another field less weed infested, (as if wheat could do that).


    Perhaps living where you do and suffering the excesses of American ‘bally hoo evangelism’ and ‘snake oil salesmanship gospel delivery’, you have suffered more abuse from institutional religion than I have, (though I and my ordained wife have also been trampled by the flock from time to time).


    The Church, (meaning the invisible company of the redeemed servants of Christ), is an anvil that has worn out many hammers and Hell itself will not withstand it’s proclamation of the Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ.


    I can only comment that setting ‘The Church’ up as a universal ‘Aunt Sally’ to be knocked down for it’s faults and failures, is a device used of old by it’s enemies. It saddens me to see a fellow stalk of wheat condemning the whole field when it is only the tares that need to be told they are shutting out the light and sapping the soil. However you have also lucidly shown how by so doing they are nonetheless ‘fulfilling God’s purposes’.


    May the Lord’s ministry prosper in you Ray.


    Love Chris

    Dear Chris:

    I have stated publically many times that "I am a member of the Body of Christ, the Church of the Living God."  Perhaps you missed it. But we are to "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE" (Rev. 18:4). Now there's an enigma that most theologians will never figure out in this lifetime. Come out of the Church and still be a member of the Church?  HUMMMM

     God be with you,


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