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Author Topic: Challenge  (Read 5604 times)

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« on: December 14, 2006, 08:08:27 AM »

You have stated in your article on tithing that Jesus Christ did not keep the Sabbath day commandment.  I challenge you to find this in scripture.  You can not reference the rabbinic fence laws, but must find and example where He did not keep the commandment of God as laid out by God.
Can you do it?  I do not think you can!

Jesus did not keep the physical weekly Sabbath according to the 4th commandment. But He certainly did KEEP THE SABBATH of His Father. To keep the Sabbath we must NOT do our own work. Jesus never did "HIS OWN WORK," and therefore Jesus kept the Sabbath of His Father EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. When people ask me if I keep the Sabbath, I answer by saying: "Every day of the week."

The Sabbath is a physical commandment that has a spiritual application just like all the physical commandments. Keeping the PHYSICAL just won't get the job done. You can "NOT commit adultery" all day long, and still end up in the lake of fire. That is only the physical part of the commandment which is only for babes and minors. Jesus gave us the real commandment:  "DON'T EVEN LOOK on a woman to lust after her," or you have already broken the physical commandmnet to not commit adultery. The same is true for circumcision. ONLY circumcision of the heart is of any value to God.  We are to live on a higher standard of morality than the TEN PHYSICAL commandments.  What good does it do for one if he has not one physical image of a God, but has HUNDREDS OF SPIRITUAL IDOLS IN HIS HEART?

In Matt. 12 Jesus and His disciples broke the physical letter of the law, but they KEPT THE SPIRITUAL INTENT of the law, hence, the traveled on the Sabbath, healed on the Sabbath, picked grain on the sabbath, and even told another man to "PICK UP AND CARRY" his bed, ALL OF WHICH WERE AGAINST THE SABBATH COMMANDMENT. Yet Christ like the Priest who ate the shew bread, WAS GUILTLESS.

God be with you,


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