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Author Topic: Diversity?  (Read 3739 times)

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« on: December 19, 2006, 08:58:13 AM »

> so... since heaven isn't a place where people who believe in Christ's
> death on the cross where they will all live for eternity together in
> perfect happiness will there be diversity in heaven? will there be
> different persons? will i get to have another life in happiness with
> my friends and family forever?
> i don't know, i guess since you destroyed (not in a bad way) my
> belief of what heaven was going to be like I kind of feel a 'buzz-kill'

Dear Reader:
I don't know what you mean by "diversity" in heaven? When you say
"different persons," what are you asking?  Different from what or from
whom?  Yes, of course, everyone will live togehter as God's children
and God will be our Father.
It is difficult to explain the "spiritual" to physical and carnal-minded
people. God lives in a different "realm" from us. If we must use
physical analogies, I suppose we could say that we live in the physical
subject to death; whereas God lives in the spirit and never dies. We
live in a world of wickedness; whereas God lives in a world of
righteousness.  We live in darkness;  whereas God lives in light.
God's elect are making the transition and transformation from evil
to good; from physical to spiritual; for darkness to light.
God tells us absolutely nothing concerning our future spiritual lives
with Him. The Scriptures are silent on this aspect of God's plan. We
must accept on faith that all will be as great as God promises.
God be with you,
PS   Unless you wish to listen to Jessie Duplantis who says that he
went to heaven and walked and talked with Jesus and God, and now
knows all about heaven and the future life in heavenly mansions.

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