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Author Topic: Forum  (Read 1915 times)

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« on: December 19, 2006, 09:09:48 AM »

        You write in your "email to Ray" section of the forum, "Our Forum is not the place to try out new ideas and teachings on Biblical themes. You can send them to me, but then again I cannot answer all of these teachings and questions either."
        It seems that you should detach the forum from your website, then. 
        It seems there are MANY in the forum that feel they have to have your stamp of approval on things they share.  That's why I left the forum.  Also, there were too many people that seemed they looked down on the un-called yet and assumed they were called and more wise and going to be chosen.  And yes, I'm well aware that you encourage people to believe God & trust the Word over you - but there are many that seem to miss that.
        Dear Nicholas:
        Sounds to me that you are judging them just as you are accusing them of judging you? What do think?
        I have never given anyone permission to say anything on our Forum. I have instructed our Moderators a time or two, however, to NOT allow certain things on our Forum.  It's kinda like a shepherd protecting the sheep against the wolves and foxes.  There are spiritual wolves and foxes, you know. Don't you?
        No, I don't want the Forum "detached" from our site. We don't work at causing devision and separation, but rather unity in our ministry.
        Why get caught up in all this childish, "he said, she said, they said......?"  Most people don't have a problem with our Forum. Some do. Some want to be teachers of new truth, when they don't understand the OLD truths.  We don't allow that. I'm sorry, but we don't allow anyone who so desires, to teach heresy or to teach anything on our Forum. You are allowed to discuss things, but don't start writing five and ten pages of exegesis commentary on the book of Revelation, cause we will cut you off. Baptists don't invite Jehovah's Witness ministers to teach at their Sunday services even though the marquee may read: "All Welcome," and we don't allow anyone to teach on our Forum, or try to get people to go to other sites to read someone elses heresy.
        I am sorry if you don't approve, but that's the way it is.
        Ya know, I don't believe that I have ever heard of anyone leaving our Forum because they felt too inferior to stay on. But I have heard of dozens and dozens who have left because they felt too superior to the others, to stay on the Forum. Swallow your pride, and join in the fellowship, and don't get all bent out of shape.
        God be with you,
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