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Author Topic: Thank You  (Read 1953 times)

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Thank You
« on: December 21, 2006, 07:32:24 PM »

Hi Ray!

I have been reading your papers (all of them!) and replies to e-mails for over a year, albeit not every day, and while generally not a particularly impressionable young person, I was struck by your clear explanation of Scriptural Truths.  Now when I read my Bible I can see the "Good News" for what it is.  And I praise God!  I am a freshman in college (not a Bible college, my disagreements with Church doctrine predate even my recently-found knowledge of the true Gospel) and praying for God's will to manifest itself in my life.  I know His will WILL be done, but I have no idea where the next few years will take me.  I have to decide what I will study, which is very difficult because God has blessed me with a love of learning and a quick mind, as well as exceptional ability in the area of language/linguistics/translation.  I could do anything--but when reading your scholarship, there was a stirring in my heart, perhaps THIS is what I am to study (this being God's Word).  Maybe this e-mail is unlike others you receive (maybe not), but here is my question to you:  Can you make a recommendation as to the tools I will need to study the Scriptures (books to read, languages to learn)?  Or even:  Could you personally train me?  I don't know if you work with others, but if there is any way I could work with you, I would consider it a blessed honor.

Thank you for acting as God's spokesman in this day of blasphemy and perversion!

Your sister in Christ,


        Dear Jasmine:

        What seems exciting and challenging today may be but a memory by tomorrow. I don't think you want to do what I do. I do what I do because of what I lived, and I cannot help you or cause you to go through all that God has put me through. I get many emails from people who want to know what are the secret weapons (little unknown books perhaps?  or maybe some web site that virtually no one knows about? or some other secret mystery source) will help them to know what I know (or hopefully even more). I know of no such books. I speak but one language (poorly) which is English. I have no desire to learn Hebrew or Greek. Virtually all people that I know that understand Hebrew and Greek understand very little about God's plan for humanity.

        No, I do not train people. What I do is I write articles about the truths of God's word. This takes all of my time. We don't need more people necessarily, but what we do need is a way to reach more people, and that takes money, but my Web Master and I don't have any money, so there's were we're at.

        God be with you,


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