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Author Topic: Christmas?  (Read 6303 times)

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« on: December 28, 2006, 06:18:17 PM »

Thank you for your expedited reply.  For years and years, we have brought up our children in the church, attending mass/ church on December 25th, and spent the whole entire year preparing for putting up lights, decorations, santas and snowmen, food etc.  And what you are saying is that to celebrate Christ birth through that manner is not of God?  But isn't it okay to have tradition and have fun and good times, and give gifts, and at the same time acknowledge Him Who was born to save all men from sin?  If I interpret this correctly, does this mean that my son is probably correct in not celebrating Christmas with his family?  I cried, and cried for three days, and felt so, so sad without my son being there with us for Christmas.  Do you know that he told us that we had to take all of his gifts back, and that even though we bought him clean underwear and t-shirts, because he had none, that he denied receiving these gifts, even though ultimately he wo uld go get them anyway at some point?  Maybe I'm blocking what you are trying to say, maybe I am wrong, maybe I am ignorant, but I am certainly sad, because we are not bad people, and we are trying to be Christlike, but we don't want to be paganists either.  What should I do then?  Should I join my son in this belief of not celebrating Christmas?

Dear mommateeh:
Understand that if there never was a Roman Saturnalia pagan fest in mid-winter, there would not be a Christmas, or an X-mas, or a day of exchanging gifts and kissing under the mistletoe, drinking eggnog and booze, putting eggs [orbs] on evergreen trees, etc., etc., etc. What people do with such days (Easter of also pagan) is up to them. I do not condemn anyone for keeping Christmas or Easter.  Of course your friends and relatives will hate yhou if you don't partake of these customs.  It's hard to obey Jesus until you begin to see the value in doing so.  I know that people have a good time and enjoy the Christmas Season. They also enjoyed it when it was called the Saturnalie in pagan Rome.  But on the other hand, your are right, people get all spiritually bent out of shape over Christmas, and become much much holier-than-thou because they have a little knowledge. I get Christmas presents. I accept them. I thank the givers, and enjoy the gifts. Didn't Jesus "eat and socialize with SINNERS in their own homes?" Try not to destroy your family over this Season of the year.  Life is not always easy.
God be with you,
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