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Author Topic: Lord's Day  (Read 3286 times)

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Lord's Day
« on: December 28, 2006, 06:19:42 PM »

    I have been reading your Secret Rapture paper and I have a question regarding the "Day of the Lord"
    Below is a quote from your paper:
    "Let us be clear, that the "day of the Lord" is the time period of Christís return to this earth to punish Babylon the Great and to pour out His righteous indignation on her (and on those nations who follow and worship her) for her evil crimes of inhumanity and blasphemy. Here is the order of events (Mat. 24:29-30)."
    I am confused by this because of two other scriptures -- Rev 1:1-5 (somewhere in there) were John states"...I was in the spirit ON THE LORD'S day" -- and in Matthew 24 where Jesus states after describing the great tribulation that "...this generation will not pass away until all these things happen.."
    How can the "day of the lord" be what you described above if John was "in the spirit on the lord's day" and Jesus said all these things would happen in this generation.
    My thinking, until now, was that the Lord's day happens now (not experienced) spiritually to the elect, not in the future literally.
    Can you help me understand this.

    Dear Josh:
    Jesus didn't say His coming, or the end of the eon, or the prophecies He described would come in "HIS generation," but in "THIS generation."  What generation is "this" generation? The generation that "sees ALL THESE THINGS" (Matt. 24:34). All these things include everything in the previous verses including verses 20, 30, 31, etc. His Apostles did NOT "see ALL those things" in their day. So it is yet future. John was "in the SPIRIT" on the "Lord's Day." He was not literally there, but rather in "spirit" he saw what WILL HAPPEN on the "Lord's Day" mentioned in hundreds of Scriptures.
    God be with you,

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