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Author Topic: Towers  (Read 3936 times)

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« on: December 30, 2006, 08:51:32 PM »

Dear Mike:
I told my Web Master, Dennis, before we posted this paper, that people would be picking this thing apart for the REST OF MY LIFE, and asking question after question after question. Not to make light of your question, Mike, but it is the second time since yesterday that I have been presented with this issue. I will make a few comments in your email............

    Hello Ray,
    Just read your latest writing on the "twin towers".  This took alot of research I am sure. I have a question.
    All the scripture quoted in this writing has to be fulfilled and certainly some has been. Isa. 30 12-13,
    COMMENT:  When and how was Isa. 30:12:13 fulfilled?  Not even I said that the falling of the twin towers fulfilled the falling wall or tower mentioned in verse 13 & 214 of Isa. 30. Listen very carefully. God did not say through Isaiah that their sins and iniquity "shall be to you as THE breach ready to fall, swelling out in THE high wall....." of such and such a wall or tower, did He?  No he DIDN'T.
    Listen:  God said that their sins and iniquity "...shall be to you as A breach ready to fall swelling out in A high wall...."  Not "the" wall of "this" tower, but "A" wall of ANY tower.  This is an ANALOGY of what their FALL would be like.  And what I did, I showed that WHAT the Twin Towers represented, and WHERE they were found, and HOW they fell, fit "SUCH AN ANALOGY." There is no such wall as God mentions in Isa. 30;13-14.  It is only an ANALOGY, not a literal, historical wall or tower.  But as an ANALOGY, and as a SYMBOL,  I showed that I know of no tower in the history of the world that could fit THAT ANALOGY of how God said this wall would fall.  And THAT is the significance of the Twin Towers and everything about them.
    Plus, the falling of a great wall or tower or towers is NOT what Isa. 30:12-13 is even talking about. It is merely an analogy of HOW THE NATION OF ISRAEL/JUDAH shall fall. But not Israel/Judah in the Assyrian captivity or the Babylonian captivity, or the slaughter of Jerusalem in 70 AD under Titus.  I wish people would pay closer attention.  Why do you suppose I spent all that time showing in great detail the Hebrew words of Isa. 30:8?  This verse tells is the TIME OF THIS DISASTER on God's people.  It is for "a time after in the future unto the eon."  It is a time when Tophet is enlarged. Tophet was not enlarged when Titus destroyed Jerusalem. That is when the valley of Hinnom ceased being the city garbage dump, not when it was greatly ENLARGED.

    Amos 3: 1-7, Jer. 18: 11 and certainly Isa. 45 and all other scrpture quoted.
    COMMENTf:  I don't understand how you can make that statement. How is "ALL other scripture quoted" by me? in my paper? been fulfilled?  I don't know if you looked closely at "ALL the scriptures" I referenced in my paper. Has the "Day of the Lord" been completely fulfilled already?  Amos 3:1-7 shows that, yes indeed, if there is evil in the city the Lord has done it.  How can you suggest that all the evil that is ever to be done in all the cities, has ALREADY been fulfilled?  Assyria captured the North Tribes of Israel around 721 BC. Judah by Babylon around 595 BC.  And all of Jerusalem and surrounding communities in 70 AD.  How does those three evens FULFILL ALL PROPHECY of the Bible?
    How is one or especially a religious leader suppose to do other than what the scripture says he will do? Does "he" not have to "speak unto us smooth things and prophesy deceit.", in order to make scripture true.  If "he" were to speak truth and have all turn to God, as we know he should, where would this leave scripture? Can "he" or anyone change God's mind? Does not God bring evil to the city? Can man prevent what has been written? Is this to be, regardless?
    COMMENT:  I am hard put to understand this question. OF COURSE all mankind will have to do what God foreknew that they will do.  Are you asking why I would criticize Billy Graham or our leaders seeing that they could not have done differently?  What is that?  Could the Scribes and Pharisees of Christ's day have done anything differently from what they were PREORDAINED to do?  No, of course not. But did not our LORD "upbraid" them and criticize their evil and sinful ways, ANYWAY?  Ezekiel 3:17-21 absolutely warns the watchmen that they MUST WARN the wicked of their wicked ways or God will hold the watchman responsible for the look of the wicked.
    I hope this helps your understanding a little better. Trust me when I say, that I will NOT answer emails like this one, day and night, for the rest of my life.  There is a lot of good material in our recent post on the Towers. Those who hve an ear to hear will get it and respond accordingly, as I and my Web Master have been responding accordingly as we see these events of gigantic proportions unfold almost daily.
    God be with you,

    Hope to hear from you if you have time.
    God Bless
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