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Author Topic: Study Tools?  (Read 3069 times)

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Study Tools?
« on: December 30, 2006, 09:00:53 PM »

    I have read everything on your site and am currently re-reading the lake of fire series.  The more I read the more I want to know more.  I know you don't have an online Bible study, but can you tell me what tools you have used to study other than the Bible itself?  I have E-Sword which has been a great help.  But how did you get to the place where you knew that hell and everlasting were not scriptural?  You show so many connected scriptures but they are from all over the Bible.  Do I start by looking at the notes about each verse and the cross referencing?  Thanks for your insight.
    The most valuable study helps for me are:
    [1]  King James Bible, with a CENTER REFERENCE.  This is a marvelous tool. Going back for hundreds and hundreds of years, people would read something maybe in Matthew, and remember that they read a similar thing in Ezekiel or Jeremiah, so they would make a notation on the side margin of their bibles. Really thorough readers of the Scriptures accumulated many dozens and hundreds of such margin references to other Scriptures. Today, the best Versions post these references in a center reference column between the two sections of print on each page. There is no other tool that can take the place of these center references. You will find like Scriptures that could not be found using a Concordance.
    [2]  e-Sword:  Just a faster version of Strong's Concordance.
    [3]   Wigram's ENGLISHMANS GREEK AND HEBREW CONCORDANCE of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS. If you look up the word "hell" in Strong's Concordance for the Old Testament, it will give you 31 places that the word "hell" is found in the Hebrew Scriptures. But what you won't know is that the word "sheol" translated "hell" 31 times, is also translated into other words. What other words? Strongs doesn't tell you, but Wigram's does. You take the number for the Hebrew word and look it up chronological by number and when you come to that number it will give you every other word that was tranlated from sheol besides the 31 times it is translated hell.
    Those are the 3 top study aids that I use.  You can also add additional TRANSLATIONS, INTERLINEARS, BIBLE DICTIONARIES, BIBLE MAPS, ETC.
    God be with you,

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