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Author Topic: Sins  (Read 5251 times)

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« on: December 30, 2006, 09:03:07 PM »

Hi, how are you doing? I have been reading a lot of the material on
your website, and it seems to make sense to me. I was raised in a
Christian family and so most of what you teach is new to me.
  I have been trying to apply these things to my life, like the
spiritual laws and being pure in all my thoughts and such, and i've found that
i always feel like i am being judged.  i feel like i can't enjoy
anything because i am always analyzing everything. Have you ever felt that
way? I mean, it feels like a burden! And the thing is, i can't forget
about it either (and believe me, at times i want to). Its like i have all
these rules i have to follow, or rather i feel i ought to follow, and i
fear it will make my life more difficult and burdensom. I think part of
the reason i feel this way is because of my spiritual immaturity, like
there are carnal desires that i have that i know are wrong, but it
seems i can't help bu t induldge in them at times, and i feel guilty about
it, and all the while judgement is always on my mind and i feel like i'm
going crazy! And again, i can't help but analyze everything, and to be
honest i am not happy at all in life, not like this anyway.
and yet...i can't seem to give it up.
  I don't know if you can help me on this, but i hope that you will
reply and give me some advice or something. Thank you, and God Bless you

Dear Rob:
You are right, I cannot help you overcome your carnal sins. That is something that
we all have to do between ourselves and God. God is dealing with you and will
continue to deal with you. I cannot change God's timing for what He has in store
for your life.  Those of us who are maybe a little more mature, have all gone
through what you are going through.  That's why the Bible calls us BEASTS. We
often think and act and desire as do BEASTS.  You will not quit sinning until
God deems it time for you to quit, but in the mean time, you will come to hate
your sins, and still will not be able to overcome them. You will cry out to the only
One Who can help you. We all must make our "walk through the valley of the
shadow of death."  It is not a pleasant journey, but to come through it and have
a clean and clear conscious for the first time in your life, is itself quite rewarding.
God be with you,
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