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Author Topic: Honesty  (Read 4831 times)

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« on: January 01, 2007, 09:07:38 PM »

    Ray I have to wonder if your being honost or just dont know what the bible says about tithing, it is commanded in both the old and new testament. Also the second tithe was kept by members for the Holy Day Festivals. HWA was off on third tithe becouse we already contribute to government coffers for social services and welfare. They were perfectly in order in WCG to use first tithe to preach the gospel.

    Dear Bill and Louise:
    You have for the subject of your email to me, "Honesty." And you are preseuming to correct me about being "honest."
    You suggest that I am either dishonest or ignorant of the Bible teaching on tithing. You then make the absurdly dishonest statement: " [tithing[ is COMMANDED in both the Old and New Testament."  Oh really?  And are you being "honest" in that statement?  Are you trying to insinuate that everything written in what is termed "The New Testament," is actually part of and FOR New Covenant (testament should be rendered "covenant") believers?  Yes, of course that is what you are insinuating. If something is written in the Greek Scriptures, then it must be FOR New Covenant believers.
    But are you being "honest?"  Or are you just playing with words and terms to support your utterly unscriptural stance on tithing?  Do YOU offer the offering commanded by Moses when you go to your priest (Matt. 8:4)?  Is this really a commandment for those who became Christs followers under the New Covenant of His blood?  Be 'honest" now.
    Do you still stone or endorse stoning to death, those who commit adultery (John 8:5)?  Be "honest" now.
    I know and I think that YOU KNOW that Jesus commanded the two-faced lying hypocrites of the religious leaders (Scribes and Pharisees) who were still living under THE LAW OF MOSES with the temple and the Levitical priesthood, is that not so?  Where these Pharisees member of Christ's Church?  Well, were they?  Did they tithe to CHRIST'S CHURCH.  Well, did they?  Be "honest" now.  Did the apostles tithe to Christ's New Covenant Church?  Did the Gentiles "tithe" to Christ's Church?  Did Paul teaching tithing to the Gentiles? Did not Paul WORK for a living?  Were not all of the gifts to the Church or for the saints in Jerusalem, voluntary offerings "according to how God had prospered them," not according to a Law of Moses strict 10%?  Am I going too fast for you?  Did Paul teach tithing?  Show me the word?  Money was never a tithable commodity in the first place, if you suggest that anyone can tithe "money."  And you call me "ignorant or dishonest?"
    Maybe YOU, Bill and Louise, need to repent of YOUR DISHONESTY or read YOUR Bible and learn what God really says about these things.
    God be with you,
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