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Author Topic: Deceived  (Read 5889 times)

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« on: January 02, 2007, 02:04:15 PM »

I am offended that you say you are led by the Spirit of God, you are indeed deceived by satan instead.  And don't forget, the bible also warns us of people like you teaching FALSE DOCTRINES and deceiving many in these last days.  I thank God that I have the gifts of wisdom and discernment of spirits so that you are not able to lead me astray as you have many others.  I feel sorry for you when you stand in judgement before Jesus Christ and have to answer to Him for your false teaching, you will be held responsible for the destruction of many souls.
Kim Jackson

Dear Kim:
I see that you believe you possess,  "the gifts of wisdom and discernment."  Discern this.................
You state:
"...people like you [that's me] deceiving MANY in these last days."
" are not able to lead me astry as you have MANY others."
" will be held responsible for the destruction of MANY souls."
You don't know any of that for a fact. You are merely applying these things to me to make yourself feel good.
What are the facts?
[1]  I am not "MANY" but one person. I have a staff of ONE--my Web Master.
[2]  I know of no one who is teaching what I teach on the worldwide web.
[3]  I assure you that not MANY follow my teachings.  MANY read our site, but very very FEW live by it.  There are so few in fact, that if I had a dollar for everyone who has read our site and then turned to God and accepted Jesus as the Saviour of their wretched carnal selves, and began living godly, and righteously, and forsaking the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life....if I had a dollar for every one of them, it would not be enough to pay my utility bills for one month.
Now on the hand, tis true, Jesus did say:  "For MANY shall come in My Name saying I am Christ, and shall deceive MANY"  (Matt. 24:5). Yes somewhere in this world there are "MANY" not just a few or "one" like me, but M-A-N-Y!  Do you understand the difference between "few" and "MANY?"  Jesus said that there would be MANY who would teach the world that Jesus is indeed "THE CHRIST," but in their teaching that Jesus is the Christ, they "...shall deceive MANY."
What evil and vile things do they teach that would deceive SO MANY?  Let Jesus answer, seeing that it was He Who brought it up:
"MANY will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord [oh yes, they love to call Him 'LORD'--BUT they do NOT WHAT HE SAYS, Luke 6:46], have we not prophesied in Your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done MANY wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them. I NEVER KNEW YOU: depart from Me, ye that work INIQUITY [lawlessness]" (Matt. 7:22-23).
Wow!  Imagine that?  They do all that in the Name of the Lord.  They do MANY WONDERFUL WORKS, but they personally are lawless and filled with iniquity--much like the religious leaders of Jesus's day: lying two-faced hypocrites. Where, Kim, do we find so MANY people teaching that Jesus is the Christ, and yet are DECEIVING MANY?  What great body of believers do such things? Don't lay their sins on my doorstep, Kim, for I am just one, not many, and those who obey God are FEW, not MANY.
There, Kim, are the "many" who deceive the "MANY,"  not the few or the one who has virtually no one believing him.
Am I going to fast for you?  Oh you would love to believe that the "few teaching the few" are really the "MANY deceiving the MANY," but it won't fit, Kim.  You can't make it fit.
Maybe you should reconsider the things that I have written. For there are "MANY called, but FEW chosen."
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