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Author Topic: Hell  (Read 5301 times)

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« on: January 03, 2007, 05:42:29 PM »

    My dad died on this earth in 1994; in 1998 God brought hell up before my eyes, I was fully awake. And out of the hugh flames came my dad, wailing with a look of horror and terror I have never seen before. His fists were clinched extremely tight and he saw me and my little girl also. I did not acknowledge him because there was nothing I could do. My dad knew if I had ever seen him in that much distress while he was on earth I would have come to his aid with all that was in me. I was put on this earth to love my dad, he was 40 years old when I was born and he was of a immoral shallow character; he was an established drunk and as a child I never saw any of his sins and faults, I loved him sooooo very much, but now he is in hell although as a Christian I tried to help him accept Jesus, but he defiantly walked away from God. How very sad that you preach only part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hell is real and more terrible than I have words to tell you .

    Dear Nameless:
    Why do you say that "I loved him sooooooo very much...." in the past tense, do you no longer love him? Why not?
    And is your god's love no better than yours--here today; gone tomorrow? Why did this god show YOU hell, seeing that you already claim to trust in Jesus and don't need to be warned concerning hell in your present spiritual condition. Why didn't this god rather WARN YOUR FATHER about this hell so that he could have done something about it?  Why did this god of your's stop loving your father?  Why did you stop loving him? What does your "little girl" think of this god of yours who would ROAST HER GRANDFATHER IN REAL FIRE LIKE A PIECE OF BAR-B-QUED MEAT?  I'm glad that you aren't my son.  May the real God have mercy upon your wretched soul.

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