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Author Topic: Free Will/Robots?  (Read 6378 times)

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Free Will/Robots?
« on: January 03, 2007, 05:46:42 PM »

> I believe I am understanding most of the concept of no freewill. I
> definatly understand the scientific law of cause an effect.
 What I guess I am stuggling with is the accountability part. I think you
> said that we are accountable because God created us to sin but in our hearts
> we are willing?
> I accept that I am accountable simply because in my perception I made
> choices to sin.
> But, didn't God make us willing as well? If I could of done nothing else
> but what I have done and God created me to be willing to do it. How am I
> accountable in this concept?
> I have read your free will myth paper, but seem to be stuck on that aspect
> of it.

I understand, Paul, that this truth is difficult for most to comprehend.  And I
am not completely sure why this is so.  I think possibly because we have
been trained and programmed to see too many things in only two dimensions,
when in reality there is a third dimention, but it is an illusion created by God
giving us two eyes spaced apart at the right distances to give us the illusion of
depth perception.  Well, we need a little spiritual depth perception.
Theologians and clerics would have us believe that there are only two possibilities
with regards to man's either having free choice or not having free choice.
[1]  We either have free will/choice and can make decisions based on no causing factors
whatsoever. We supposedly just create thoughts and actions out of NOTHING. Or,
[2]  We are dumb robots.
Their is no third alternative for them.  But here is the alternative truth that is in the
Scriptures and in the real work-a-day world.  We have no free choice or free will
which is not caused by anything, as such a fabled idea is not only unscriptural, but
also a physiological impossibility.  But........BUT, the alternative is not that we are
then "dumb robots."  No, a thousand times, NO.  We are intelligent.  A person can
be intelligent and yet not have free will.  We can think.  A person can think and
yet not have free will.  We can plan, think spacially, create, imagine, analyze and
manipulate difficult numbers and concepts, and WE CAN LEARN.  I do not believe
that we shall ever build such robots as ourselves, and even if we did, we would have
to conclude that it was OUR INTELLIGENCE that built them, and they still would
not have free will or free choice either.
The fact that our choices are caused by some factor does not turn us into robots. And
because we are highly complicated and intelligent, it is God's purpose for us to experience
evil and then learn from it and choose to do good.  Suffering the pain of making bad
decisions or being Judged by God for making bad decisions is a GOOD thing, not a bad.
Certainly we do not punish a robot if it malfunctions, but robots don't have hearts and minds
and consciences to direct them or give them guilt when they do wrong. Humans are highly
developed mechanisms, organisms, creatures, etc., plus we have a spirit at our core. Something
that no robot will ever have  It is right and good that God should judge us
for doing bad things from our hearts and minds within.  Ask God to continue opening your
mind to these difficult concepts.
God be with you,
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