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Author Topic: Understanding?  (Read 2736 times)

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« on: January 05, 2007, 07:37:26 PM »

    You present a very compelling view.  I cannot argue it or anyone else's view for I know not enough.  Your views do make logical sense, therefore I will look to scripture to see how this works. I  live in a  small community in Manitoba, Canada;  I realize that I am seperated (not so much) from so called society, but I wonder why I haven't heard these views before.  I've had these questions, and have been down right p'd off when they are ignored or I'm told it does'nt matter or I'll find out when I'm dead. (huh?)  Why do I not see the blind see, when prayed over?  Why doesn't Benny Hinn heal  someone with no legs and enable them to walk again?  I've heard of people with disease get cured through pr ayer, yet it seems most do not, and then there are those who do not believe in Christ get mysteriously cured, what's up with that?  If we aren't allowed to test God, what's the point? Seems to me that if you could ever invent a foolproof loophole, that would be it!  I (like billions of others) am in debt, struggling from alcholism, and usually just frustrated with the way life is. Rather not be tested? anymore.  I've had enough.  Show me the supernatural in a supernatural way!  I want a real miracle like a burning bush or parting of the seas, or watching someone whom I've known personally who cannot walk, talk, or hear, all of a sudden get up and run a 3 minute mile and recite every Shakespearean play written and tell me how they can hear a meadowlark singing from 500 miles away!  Yeah , I'm just a tad bit frustrated. 


    Dear Chad:

    God does not want the world to know He really is at this time, if He did, He would maybe do some of the things you suggest.  We are to "live by FAITH" the Sciptures tell us. Living by faith means that we accept God at His word without ANY PHYSICAL PROOF of what He says. This may not be your time for God to reveal Himself to you.

    May God open your eyes to see the invisible,


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