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Author Topic: The Word  (Read 4778 times)

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The Word
« on: January 06, 2007, 01:24:30 PM »

> Hi Ray,
> I managed to make myself extremely unpopular with almost
> every major Church by making a certain statement. You seem to be able to
> use logic in conjunction with Biblical truth and that is why I would like
> to see how you feel towards my statement. All over the world it is said
> that the Bible is God's only Word. I say this is not true,the Bible
> contains words (that is God,s invention) and carries a message and
> instructions for it's readers.The Bible says that God created everything
> and therefore He is Almighty. In Genesis God uses words(which He created)
> and says "let there be light" and there was light. God used words to
> create the Universe and everything in it, long before there was a Bible.
> Therefore the Bible cannot be God's only word. Nowhere in the Bible can I
> find any indication that the Bible is God's only word. The Churches
> seemingly share the Opponent's view that words(communication) happened as
> a result of evolution. If God created everything except words he cannot be
> Almighty as it means He did not create everything.At most He can then be
> regarded as Mighty? I say God created the Word (communication) for the
> purpose of His creation and He alone deserves the credit for it. Even
> Angels have a language and I am sure they did not get it through
> evolution? The Churches refuse to discuss this with me and ignores me
> completely as if I no longer exist. I would like to know if you also think
> that my logic is failing me in this regard? Yes, I am completely serious
> about this! Thank you in anticipation.
> Neels
> South-Africa

 Dear Neels:
I don't want to offend you, however, I think that your approach to this thing is
not very wise. You will not persuade anyone of anything. As you said, you only
get people upset, so what's the point.  I "expose" the Christian Church and their
doctrines for very specific reasons under special commands, but I don't see this
in what you are attempting to do. I do not set out to rub some doctrine of mine
into others faces.
Besides, I think that your arguments are extremely weak if not unscriptural
altogether.  The phrases "Word of God" and "Word of the Lord" are found
nearly 400 times in Scripture. There are only two books that do not mention
God (Esther and Song of Solomon).  So I would say that is pretty good internal
evidence that these words are the "words of God."
When most people would suggest that the Bible is the ONLY word of God, they
mean that there is no other collections of books that are inspired in the same way
that the Holy Scriptures are. I do not believe that most would deny that nature
itself is a "word" from God concerning Who and What He is.  In Ecc.7:16 we are
told to "Be not righteous over much...."  I think that is good advice. Don't try to
come across as "holier than thou" to other people and you will be better able to
show them other things that they will not listen to if you come on too strong.
God be with you,

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