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Author Topic: God's Plan  (Read 6188 times)

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God's Plan
« on: January 09, 2007, 04:20:15 PM »

    Hi Ray,
    I have a question about Genesis and I know I may not hear from you but hope too. God has recently , just last night, revealed to me the truths about the Adam and Eve being naked. Yet I am not compeletely clear on what the purpose of our being designed to fall from the beginning is. The truth is wonderful to see but can you put into words what the big plan for our fall was. I know the Israelites were blinded to Christ for the sake of the Gentiles but what is the purpose/need for our demise in the beginning.
    Thank you and I understand if you can't reply.
    In Christ Love

    Dear Judy:
    God is not only Almighty, but He is also all wise, and all knowing, and LOVE.
    Love demands a recipient to partake of that love.  There is no  other God in
    the Universe or beyond the Universe.  God designed the family and children as
    a parable for us to understanding what His plan of creation is all about. God
    WANTS CHILDREN.  But God wants children LIKE HIMSELF, hence the
    purpose for the creation of humanity.
    Knowing "good and evil" is an essential part of "being like God,"  hence He
    creates good and evil for our experience. Failure, futility, sin and death is a
    part of the "knowledge of evil."  It is necessary that we fail in order that we
    may succeed.  God did not complete his plan of "making man in His Own Image"
    back in Genesis.  It was merely the first stage.  What we call "life" is God's
    plan for "making manking into His Own Spiritual Image."
    God be with you,

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