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Author Topic: Homosexuality  (Read 3970 times)

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« on: January 09, 2007, 04:21:21 PM »

Dear Ray,
     I have been studying your site for quite some time now.  It has helped me a great deal, as I have found your thoughts to be very enlightened.  In fact I wrote to you shortly after my father died in March of 2005 and you answered me with comforting words about where his spirit is now and I will always remember your taking the time to do so.

     I have just read your article on the 9/11 towers falling and I must say I am a little disturbed about this happening as a punishment for homosexuality in America.  That is what Jerry Fallwell said shortly after the attack also. I consider you to be far more enlightened than Mr. Fallwell.  I am wondering if this could also have happened because of the deeds our country has committed to other na tions in our attempts to prop up dictators, inject ourselves into the politcal concerns of other nations only to help ourselves without real regard for true help to our fellow human beings, creating people with true hatred for America.   I just find it hard to believe that all the wrongs we have committed to others in the world are not more significant in world affairs than the existence of homosexuality (which could possibly be a condition people are born with, just as mental illness centuries before was considered demon possession.)

     Otherwise, I would like to share with you what I am beginning to think about all of this.  I think sin is actually anything human.  I think when Jesus told us that" I am the way, the truth, and the life" he was telling us that by observing and knowing his life and death story we are given a glimpse of what he  came to show us.  He came to show us that he is the way we will know the truth about life.  Like him we will die and then one day we will be resurrected.  We have hope and therefore a reason to love.  If people really believed  and wanted all  sinners (humans) to  be saved then we would see genuine love in the hearts of mankind.

  The word punishment may be an interchangeable term with correction or designated path.  To all of us mortal carnal minded humans anything causing death and destruction is what we call evil, because we naturally hate death, the unknown.   Therefore, we have difficulty sqaring what we call evil with the love of God.   I have no problem with believing that God has created evil for his purposes.

God's great secret may be that death is truly a wonderful thing and death and destruction is the only way to reach this experience.  Then a loving God has no problem carrying out a plan that appears terrible to the carnal minds who do not yet understand his truths. 

If you could comment on my thoughts, I would be grateful.

                                                   Thank you, Linda

Dear Linda:

My paper on the Twin Towers prints out to about 30 or 40 pages. Here is my ONLY statement in which the word "homosexuals" appear:  "Even the example-setting pastors of huge mega churches are often money-motivated, money-crazed, money-worshipping clowns or worse:  thieves, liars, murderers, and practicing homosexuals."

As even a child could see from this one single use of the word "homosexuals," it is hardly the main premise as to why our whole nation is prophecied to fall. In fact, "homosexuals" is not even the subect of this one solitary sentence. Furthermore, "homosexuals" is not even the leading crime of the one example of "Mega Church Pastors,"  It is the very LAST of [1] money-motivated, [2] money-crazed, [3] money-worshipping, [4] clowns, [5] thieves, [6] liars, and [7] murderers. Yet you state:

"I am a little disturbed about this happening AS A PUNISHMENT OF HOMOSEXUALITY...THAT is what Jerry Fallwell said...  I just find it hard to believe that ALL THE WRONGS we have committed to others in the world ARE NOT MORE SIGNIFICANT IN WORLD AFFAIRS THAN THE EXISTENCE OF HOMOSEXUALITY."

Wow!  Linda!  That is so over-the-top I don't know what to say. My paper on Isa. 30 has absoluthing NOTHING to do with the theology of Jerry Falwell. And I never suggested or even HINTED that homosexuality is the one major crime for which God will punish America. COME ON!

God be with you,


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