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Author Topic: "Friends"  (Read 5137 times)

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« on: April 05, 2006, 12:08:09 PM »

Hi, Ray.
I wrote you an e-mail a while back about how confused I was.  After reading extensively the things on your site and getting my bible out and  reading Scripture for myself,  I realize that  in my heart all my life I already knew what was right in concept.   Not to say that I knew scripture backwards and forwards, but l remember being little and hearing about hell and thinking,   God can't  be like my Dad that loves me and send his kids to suffer forever.    
I am more free spiritually than ever.   I appreciate what you have done.    I believe my prior confusion was not really confusion at all,  it was a realization that I can no longer just go with the flow of my Christian friends and aquaintences anymore.  
It will be this disagreement that will be a struggle and probably worse than sharing the "real" good news to an athiest.   The issue is if I stay in my circle of church friends and voice my concern over whether what they think is scriptural,  or do I stay away.
I would like a bit of advise on this if you wouldn't mind.

Dear Paul:
Your "circle of friends" will not remain your circle of friends if you start obeying God. "What communion has light with darkness?"  There is a balance between trying to prove everyone wrong with one's new found truth, and just aswering those who have questions for you. I try to follow Titus 1:9 on my site and in my life. I both teach sound doctrine, and expose those who contradict sound doctrine.
I do not do this among people who do not want to hear it. Who does or doesn't come to our site, I have no control over. But who I approach in my life with these truths, I do have control over (or rather God controls by circumstances), and try to act according to the situation. Don't be afraid to share God's Truths, but know that most will not be interested, and some will even turn hostile.
God be with you,
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