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Author Topic: Spirit of the Lord  (Read 6730 times)

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Spirit of the Lord
« on: April 05, 2006, 12:14:19 PM »

Dear Mark:
I will make a few COMMENTS...........

    Hello Ray,

    I have recently been looking into the workings of the Spirit and have some questions.  Please guide me in the right direction.

    First concerning Jesus,  When did he receive the Spirit of the Lord?

    COMMENT:  Jesus Christ WAS CONCEIVED by the Holy Spirit!

      In Is 11:1-3 it talks about the Spirit resting upon Him as opposed to those in the Old Testament whom the Spirit came upon for a specific purpose and then departed.  It appears that John had the Spirit on him until Jesus' baptism, and then it seems like it left him and resided in Jesus permanently.

    COMMENT: Nonsense.

      Prior to his baptism, Jesus did no recorded supernatural works, did he not have the Spirit from birth?  What is your take on this?

    COMMENT: "Prior to baptism, Jesus had no recorded supernatural works..."  Oh really?  And you think that Jesus living a SINLESS LIFE as a teenager is less of a "supernatural work" than turning water into wine?

    Secondly, do those in "the church" have the Spirit?

    COMMENT:  NO, they have "a" spirit.

     If so, how did it come, why do they have it, and why is it so unproductive?

    COMMENT:  Oh, but their spirit of Satan is most productive. Along with doing "many wonderful works," they have succeeded in "deceiving the WHOLE WORLD."

      If not, how do those in "His church" get it, since it is most often that thay come out of "the church"?

    COMMENT: Coming out of the church is the only way that one will be given the Holy Spirit of God.

    Speaking for myself, it certainly seems that Jesus came quickly to me a couple of months ago with new ears.   After this,  virtually everything I was hearing in "the church" made no sense anymore.  Did I not have the Spirit prior to this?

    COMMENT:  I would not presume to say if or when you received God's Spirit, as I do not know you, what you believe, or how you live.

    Thanks for your help.


    COMMENT:  When sin no longer "has dominion over you," you will know that God's Holy Spirit is operating in you. Not that you will not sin, but sin will not lord it over you; you will no longer be a slave to sin; you will not be fighting sin ever moment of your day; you will be given peace in that area of your life.

    God be with you,

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