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Author Topic: Hell?  (Read 2336 times)

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« on: January 12, 2007, 10:32:14 PM »


    Thank you for such a quick reply.

    I stumbled upon your site and did not have time to read much

    of what you are about.  I saw many posts regarding Hell or lack there of.

    If there is no Hell - or a place where terrible people/sinners go - is there

    ANY type of punishment for those who commit brutal crimes while on earth?

    Many take comfort “knowing” that when a rapist or murderer dies, they will

    suffer “for the rest of eternity.”   Is it your belief that no “Hell” exists and that

    a dead body is nothing more than worm food?


    Peace - Timothy


    Dear Timothy:

    When one begins to read the Bible (not even study it, just READ it), it becomes

    clear that there is this thing (you will never hear of it in Christendom, as it is

    to them the most useless thing in the universe) called "The Resurrection of the Dead."

    That's right, there is coming a resurrection of ALL DEAD PEOPLE. Not a resurrection

    of LIVING people in heaven or LIVING people in some pagan hell, but DEAD PEOPLE.

    Have you ever heard of it? Well then, believe it, and throw all that Christian theology

    junk out the window. The chosen elect saints will be resurrected to rule with Christ

    at His coming. The wicked and vile unbelievers will be also raised, but they will be

    raised to JUDGMENT. In judgment they will LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS, and have the

    carnal minded sin BURNED OUT OF THEM by God's Consuming Spiritual FIRE (Heb.

    12:19).  Read the material in my 'Lake of Fire" series for the details.;

    God be with you,


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