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Author Topic: Jehova's Witness  (Read 4699 times)

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Jehova's Witness
« on: January 16, 2007, 06:41:55 PM »

Dear Joe:
These are areas where you think that I believe and teach just like the Jehovah's Witnesses? I will make a few comments in your reply:

    Sorry, must have read you wrong.
    Jw's don't believe in a Hell they say how can a loving God hurt his children let alone evil people for ever. Death is the punishment.
    COMMENT:  Maybe they don't believe in the traditional "christian" hell, but they do believe in a form of hell, namely: The complete ANNILATION of much of the human race! One of the three possible aspects of the pagan Egyptian hell of amenti was that of "ANNILATION."  I don't teach any such unscriptural nonsense. God is the Saviour of the world and He will save the world! (I John 4:14, I Tim. 2:4, and hundreds more). God will not annihilate ANYONE for all eternity. Have you not heard: "The last enemy being ABOLISHED IS DEATH" (ICor. 15:26, Concordant Literal New Testament)?
    They don't belive in a trinity they feel God, Yaweh, Jehovah is the God almighty and Jesus is his son.
    COMMENT:  Exactly:  in other words they have not a clue as to Who the Father is and Who the Son is. Jesus Christ IS THE JEHOVAH of the Old Testament.
    They believe in doing gods will and not striving for Mamon.
    COMMENT:  And you know this for a fact?  You know that the members of the JW religion do not strive for "mammon?"  This may be a spiritual front they put on, but don't you believe it, especially of the JW leaders!
    Many JW's have been discouraged for decades not to go in to higher education but do lesse jobs support their family with the kingdom in mind, hence the preaching work.
    Some do very meanial jobs jet preach maybe 60-120 hours a month.
    COMMENT:  Oh I have no doubt that the leaders of the JWs make a practice of "keeping the dumb sheep, dumb." They are easier to control that way.
    Listen to me, Joe:  There is not one single doctrine of the JWs that I agree with or teach myself, NOT ONE!
    God be with you,

    Cheers Joe
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