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Author Topic: How do I donate?....NOT  (Read 5135 times)

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How do I donate?....NOT
« on: January 24, 2007, 05:25:35 PM »

    You are quite delusional. Maybe too many hot days spent under the sun on those roofs. You claim to be led by “the spirit”. I doubt it. Don’t tithe, don’t attend church?

What an idiot!!

I can just claim that statement was from “the spirit”.

How about pitting my spirit against your spirit? Let’s just let them duke it out.

 Ridiculing people with an air of arrogance for “misinterpreting the bible sure doesn’t sound like the Spirit I am familiar with.

I see you don’t agree with tithing but I’ll bet you were all about my subject line otherwise you or your email slave wouldn’t have opened this email and read this far.


    Dear Kevin:

    Oh contraire. I read all my own emails and I answer all my own emails (not always on the same day week or month, however).  I have no interest in your tithe, or your donations, or your money, or your comments. I am somewhat familar with the "spirit" of which you speak. It is one that has been dogging at my heels ever since we started  A mean-spirited spirit if I do say so myself. The Lord rebuke you and your infamous "familiar spirit."


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