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Author Topic: Judgement Seat of Christ  (Read 2389 times)

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Judgement Seat of Christ
« on: January 24, 2007, 05:53:43 PM »

    Dear Ray,
    Your site has been instrumental in leading me to the truth of God's word and helping me to hve a stronger relationship with Christ.  i now see God as a loving kind savior and not the avenging, getting even, 'hell and brimstone'   God I was taught to preach about.  As a result, I'm examining everything I was taught about Christ (most of which have proven to be error)
    and I'm seeking the truth of the gospel.  Enough of my rambling.
    Would you explain to me what the  The Judgement Seat Of Christ   is?   Christ died for our sins, and since this is true and we have been forgiven for our sins, even though we are not perfect and still struggle with our temptations and often fall, when we go to Crist doesn't He forgive us?  Why then is there a Judgment seat of Christ?
    PLEASE HELP ME?!!  I don't want to be in error!!

    Dear Tim:
    Ninety percent plus of all questions I receive have already been answered on our site. Some five to ten different places. Other questions regarding Revelations, Daniel, and Judgment have not been answered, although I have covered a lot of ground in the subject of "judgment." Most of these questions will be answered in my writings, especially my "Lake of Fire" series. However, if I try to explain all that is in my series and all that I intend to yet put into it, in one-on-one emails, trust me the Kingdom will be established long before I ever finish. The "Judgment Seat" of Christ is not a two-word phrase found in one verse that can be explained in two or three sentences. It is a WHOLE SUBJECT by itself. And I simply cannot take the time to answer all of these doctrines in emails. I get too many. And I fully realize that virtually ever single person who writes to me thinks to themself, "But you COULD answer MY email if you WANTED TO!!!"  The problem is that ALL of the tens of thousands of emailers think the same thing. I will cover some of this in my upcoming Installment on Hell Part D. But whereas I could be writing on that right now, I am answering emails...............................
    Hope you understand.
    God be with you,

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