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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 4769 times)

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« on: January 25, 2007, 04:37:59 PM »

hello, i understand your point from tithes and how the apostles didn't tithe etc. Yes, as i goto a pentacostal church, sometimes i see the major fallacy when they fly to other countries for sermons or conferences, this is the same point, they do fly comfortably. Although i see your site as a way to attack certain people. Like i full on respect your devotion and study of the word, because i think it is amazing. Although i agree tithing could be misunderstood, i do understand the church neeeds money to survive otherwise like most earthly things would die without something to sustain it....

ps about ure faq, although we do not need church as a building we do need church as of people. The building is a mere symbol that brings the people together.

Your a good man, although i dont see eye to eye in everything, its the wonders of living with jesus we dont need to, so long as we both earnestly love the lord :D

Dear Jonathan:

One will never fully understand the tithing doctrine until one understands the very very basics of the tithing commandment. Money has absolutely NOTHING to do with tithing. Get MONEY out of your head when you speak of tithing. MONEY was never a titheable commodity. Only the products of the land, field, orchards and herds were titheable, not MONEY. Those who gathered in the harvest and the tithes of the harvest did not tithe on their MONEY they earned. When one gives MONEY to a church it is decidedly NOT TITHING!!!

God be with you,

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