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Author Topic: Homosexuality  (Read 5568 times)

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« on: January 26, 2007, 08:49:33 PM »

        Hi L.RaySmith, My name is Johnny and I was visiting your site. I like it. Anypoo, I have a question that maybe I would like to hear your opinion. I am a Jesus believer, and I do know that Jesus is the son of God and Mother Mary. OK, let me get to the point. I am a gay 30 y/o male who believes that I do not have a choice on my sexuality. I have been with a woman for 3 years in the past. The feeling was never there. I was seeing a man after I left her. I had that feeling. A good feeling... I believe that God made everyone equall and he does not care what sex I am attracted to. I know he loves me and I love him..... I always hear drama about gays and lesbians going to hell... Whats your opinion?
        Thank You , Johnny

        Dear Johnny:
        My opinion is worth northing. You can get opinions all day long--for and against. What do opinions prove?
        I can tell you that homosexuality is not acceptable in God's eyes, but that will not persuade you to give it up, I suspect.  But you can rest assured that neither you nor any other sinners, is GOING TO HELL for their sin.  But there is a Judgment for all humanity. Judgment is upon God's chosen Elect NOW, and the rest of the world in the resurrection to Judgment.
        Johnny, you have got to realize that even child molesters enjoy what they do, and don't really think from their point of view that it is wrong.  Taking drugs feels good to those who take them, and as what they do doesn't hurt anyone else [oh really?], then taking drugs should be morally okay as well.  Johnny, I don't doubt your sincerety, or that you think you love God, or that you prefer men over women, but none of those justifies it.
        The subject is really too big for an email. I will write a paper on it one day and give an in-depth study of the subject from the Scriptures, but not today.  I would encourage you to continue reading the material on our site. I think you realize that I am no respecter of sinners (I being one myself).  I know from experience that God is able to give us victory or any kind of sin, but first you will need to be convinced that what you are doing is a sin.
        God be with you until then,

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