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Author Topic: Thank You  (Read 2114 times)

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Thank You
« on: January 31, 2007, 11:07:51 PM »

    Dear Mr. Smith.
    I thank you for being my teacher when it comes to understanding the word of God.
    My English is not too good, so I have some difficulties in reading your letters, but they give me great joy and understanding.
    You put words to what I already know, and have always  have known, but could not put into words.
    You have enriched my life as a believer in God.
    All though, my own sister and brother in law has turned their back to me. My sister who for 60 years  have been my best friend as well as sister has now treated me as if I'm dead. She stopped talking to me, after telling me that  it's people like me who destroy Christendom.
    The reason: She says I don't believe in perdition and hell.
    She says I do no good deeds, don't give to the church, don't go to church, criticize all Christians (I'm always specific as to why and whom when I criticize a leader of a church)etc.
    She is not interested to know if I do good, or what my belief is.
    While she and her husband use their life in the service for God.Thy are the good ones.
    It makes me sad that she never ask me about these things, she says she know what I think and do.
    Last time we had a discussion and I asked her why she don't trust that God has  full control and a plan and a will for what is happening in the world..that we need not to worry. She said: No, God don't know what he wants, we have to decide what his will is. she was yelling this to me in great agony. I felt so sorry for her, because  she's a good person. It's just that the last couple of years she has changed.
    Her husband and preacher, says with a smile that he hope  and pray that there will be prosecution in the west...because too few believe in God. I asked him why he wanted this terrible thing to happen to his children and grandchildren? Why all this punishment, why not ask for Gods love in stead?
    Both of them has a lot of fear in their life. My brother in law has been treated for anxiety or fear. For a long while he's  believed he's suffered from all sorts of deadly diseases, like heartproblems, stomach problems etc.
    He has a strong body, it's all mental. The same with my sister, fear of being in a car, plane or just fear for anything.
    I asked her once why she think  both of them has this fear. She gave me no answer. When I told her that I think their fears are related to death and hell, she tried to avoid the whole thing.
    I pray for them every day. That they will be set free of their captivity.
    Once I was with my brother in law to a Pentecostal congregation called "living word", I had a strange feeling when entering the building. I felt I entered a prison, and the people holding up their hands praising the Lord, they had chains around their hands. It was like the Lord told me to stay away from that place.
    A few years later I visited again the same place with my brother in law...same thing happened but stronger. Like the Holy Spirit told me ..go away from here, I will destroy this place.
    Four years later this congregation was in turmoil, and there's nothing left but a few souls.
    I told my brother in law  the strong feeling I had both times we were there. He got angry, said I had a bad attitude. I was too critical. He refused to talk about it.
    Mr. Smith, why does it have to be like this?  Should I've known better, and not ever talked to them about my belief? I which case, this would not have happened.
    But the good thing coming out of it is this: My spiritual life has not ever been stronger. My knowledge of God has never been better. My father 91, is changing to understanding God. He is maturing in God, even though he never opened the Bible. Since we've talked about these issues, something has changed him. It's like he have read the's strange...and a good feeling.
    ..and this Sunday I was on a baptism at  a church nearby. The preachers sermon was like an answer to my prayer. My wife looked at me quite often during the sermon..and when it was over she said: Did you really hear what he was talking about? It's like an answer to what you're talking about...
    I had not been to a church for a long time....but it was good to hear that sermon though.
    Thank you for listening to me.
    Bergen Norway

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