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Author Topic: Hell Does Exist  (Read 4245 times)

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Hell Does Exist
« on: February 01, 2007, 04:36:48 PM »

hi mentioned hell does not exist..Jesus mentions hell in luke 16:23 when referring to abraham talking to the rich man who is in hell exists..

It's a parable, Joseph, its a PARABLE.  Parables and not "literal" as written. They use symbols and figurative language to teach a higher spiritual truth. That is why they are called parables. Lazarus and the Rich man is the fifth of a five-part PARABLE:
"And He [Jesus] spake this [five-part] PARABLE..."
[1]  "WHAT MAN of you...." (Lk. 15:4).
[2]  "Either WHAT WOMAN...." (Verse 8)
[3]  "A CERTAIN MAN...." (Ver. 11)
[4]  "There was a CERTAIN RICH MAN...." (Lk. 16:1)
[5]  "There was a CERTAIN RICH MAN...." (Ver. 19)
Now tell me before God as your Judge that you do not see and
cannot see that this is a FIVE-PART PARABLE?  It's one
thing to "read' the Bible, but it is quite another to "understand
and OBEY" the Bible.
God be with you,
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