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Author Topic: How?  (Read 3925 times)

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« on: February 03, 2007, 12:55:00 PM »

    Dear Ray,
      I was introduced to your website by a friend.  Since then, I've come to the truth of God's word and have a whole knew understanding of God and see Him in an entirely different light.
         I've been trying to introduce these truths to my mother.  She's slowly coming around but we bump heads an a couple of scriptural passages.  In Matt. 5:22 "...but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire,"  and in Exodus 32:14 " And the Lord repented of the evil which He thought to do unto the people." 
         In the first passage cited above, I know that the word 'hell' is a bad translation, that the word should be 'hades' which means the 'unseen' and/or 'unpreceptable,' but I'm failing to get her to see how that ties into this scripture as being anhthing else (in my mother's mind) but some one burning in a literal hell for calling someone else a fool.
         She also can't seem to understand how God supposedly being omniscient and that everyting was predetermined could then be sorry that he ever created man and could repent regarding His desire to destroy men as recorded in the latter scriptural passage cited above.
        I have no problem reconciling these scriptures, especially after reading your "Twelve God_Given Trurh To Understanding His word"  My mother, however, seems to be having some problem understanding this concepts.  Is it any way possible that you could help shed some light on this to help me try to convey these truths to her?!!
        I know you get a lot of e-mails, I promise I will not bother you unnecessarily in the future!!

    Dear Frantz:
    The clever argument has not yet been invented that will open the spiritual mind of a  closed minded person. Only God can do that, Frantz. Even if I showed you how to back her into her own corner so that she would HAVE to admit that she is wrong and the Scriptures are right, she STILL WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT IN HER SPIRIT. 
    God be with you,

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