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Author Topic: Letter to Hagee  (Read 3888 times)

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Letter to Hagee
« on: February 03, 2007, 01:01:15 PM »

    Your message to John Hagee was just goofy. I can't believe you spent all of that time and effort on that just because he said forever and ever. You more or less just used him to try to build up your own interpretations. It's extremely unlikely he was at all thinking about the Greek words for ever and ever when he said them, even if it "was" directly after a statement about the exactness of the Greek language only seconds before.. But, as you wish. I personally think most of you think way too hard about most of this stuff anyway. Jesus never spent years writing about all the deep hidden stuff that the scripture he spoke surely had to have meant because well look at this and look at that. He merely said it is written. Face value. How are you ever peaceful when you're always all wired and wound up like that?

    I wouldn't characterize myself as "all wired and wound up," but if it makes you feel superior to me spiritually to say so, so be it.
    Jesus didn't need to "write about" the meaning of aion/aionios, as everyone then fully understood the meaning of these words. Theologians had not yet decided to deceive the dumb sheep to believe in "ENDLESS ages" (a concept totally foreign to the Scriptures). And what does it matter? What does it matter that heretics like Hagee teach boys and girls that God is going to torture inhumanely most of the human race INCLUDING BOYS AND GIRLS for trillions and trillions and trillion and trillions of quadrillions of for evers and evers and evers and evers, all the while their eyes are melting out of their heads and their brains are cooking like bacon over white heat for trillions and trillions of forevers and forevers and forevers........................  Yes, what does that really matter?  What does it matter that he sells movies of such utter spiritual pornography on public TV, and has little children viewing this utter spiritual and religious FILTH? The sad thing is that some of his followers are almost as sick in mind, spirit, and soul, as Hagee himself. Maybe you need to wake up, Angela, and smell the stench of such religious rot diseasing the minds of the people.  Mine is a just and Scriptural cause.
    God be with you,

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