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Author Topic: Advice?  (Read 4632 times)

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« on: February 05, 2007, 06:56:50 PM »

        Mr Smith
        Sir i need your personal advise about something.You see i met e certain lady in church about 2 years ago and she and i are now planning to get married soon.But now the problem is that i met her before i came across your web site and now you can imagine the complications that your site has brought into my life.I'm planning to get married soon Mr Smith,why did i have to come across your site?Why me?Why not somebody else in some far away land.I love my fiancee Sir very much.And now we have differences in our believes because of your site.Sometimes i wish i never stumbled upon your site but sometimes i'm happy that i did.To be honest with your it has really brought drastic changes my life.I mean my fiancee still believes in hell and she feels strongly about it because there are many pastors who come to our church in preach about their experiences of hell and back and what the "Lord" said to them.So she finds it hard to believe that they can be wro ng and when she looks around she sees how much this pastors are admired by people around them.I'm telling this pastors are celebrities now they have fans.She finds it difficult to believe that how can the whole world be deceived,how can so many people be deceived.She looks at people like Creflo Dollar,TD Jakes,Kenneth Copeland and many other well known ministers and how they move people to their feet by thier preaching so she finds it almost impossile even to thing that they can be wrong.On the other hand is her mother who loves me dearly and now when she has to hear this new truth that i have i can almost guess what her reaction will be to the whole thing.I'm sure she may even start having doubts about my conversion and her daughters spiritual well being.You must understand  Sir that for these people hell means everything to them,when you take it out of the picture they think you are giving them freedom to sin which of course is not the case.Therefore i'm sure her mother wil l that,that is my freedom to sin and hurt her daughter and of course she will also question that how this famous preachers be wrong.You know how people hold on to their idols of the heart and will do anything to hold on to them.Now,having said all these what do i do?Do i keep quiet until we get married then tell during our marriage or do i tell her now and risk losing her and our future together.And if i don't tell her am i being unfair to her?Right now i go to church but i'm just doing it to please her because you know through your web site i was able to know biblical principles that are helping me to discern spiritual things.So now when i'm in church i just hear the pastors preaching unscriptural non-sense and people look at me and think i'm a demon.I've had people call me names because of the new and true knowledge that i have but that does not really bother me because Jesus said such things will happen so i already made peace with that.When i go to church now i'm just taki n g my flesh there because i come out even more miserable but when i go home and study on my own i become a lot stronger and refreshed spiritually.But what do i do with something like these?Please Sir your input will be highly appreciated.I know that the decision lies with me but if you can guide or point me to the right direction i will be glad.I know that you have lots of emails to read and answer few but i hope mine will be one of those you will answer not because i'm special but because i need your advise.Thank you so much
        P.S(I'm was just voicing out my frustrations i don't blame you or your site in anyway on the contrary i enjoy it and love reading it.It's just that after reading so much truth it changed my lives direction completely)
        Dear Charles:
        I am not sure why you are asking me these things, as you already know the answer. If you do not level with your fiance, you are being deceitful and living a lie. If being married and unequally yoked (II Cor. 6:14-18). Jesus said that we need to love Him MORE than father, mother, or anyone else or we are not fit to be His disciple (Luke 14:26). So what do you want me to say? Do you want me to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too? That you can dismiss the commandments of your Lord and STILL find favor in His eyes?  Do you think that by deceiving you Fiance now, that she will trust you to be honest AFTER your are married?  You need to be TOTALLY honest with your fiance. You can't play games with her emotions over matters this important. Most people in your situation will opt for the woman over Jesus, so be forewarned: the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. You already know all these things, now it is up to you, Charles.
        God be with you,
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