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Author Topic: Love?  (Read 4112 times)

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« on: February 07, 2007, 08:51:00 PM »

    Hello Ray,

     I have one question and if this has already been covered somewhere in your web site then please direct me to it.

    Does God love all equally? Whether the called,not called,chosen/elect. Does he love some more than others?

    Thank you,


    Dear Bobby:

    It is not possible for me to answer you question AS asked. And why is that? Because you already have a preconceived idea of what "love" means, don't you?  Don't you have a meaning in your mind, when you ask me that question? Yes, I am sure you do. But in Greek (the language of the New Testament Scriptures), there are several words translated "love" in most English Bible (not all, Concordant, Rotherham, and a few, for example).

    Two days ago I gave our Sunday Bible study on this very subject (second half of study). Be sure you listen to it on our Forum

    God loved Jacob and HATED Esau.  Yet He also LOVED Esau and ALL THE WORLD (I John 3:16).  But He did not love the world in the way that we are to LOVE DEARLY AND FONDLY, our Lord Jesus Christ (I Cor. 16:22). Listen to the Study.

    God be with you,


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