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Author Topic: 2 Thessalonians  (Read 2672 times)

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2 Thessalonians
« on: February 08, 2007, 09:46:58 AM »

    Dear Orlena:
    I will COMMENT in your email.........

        Your message on tithing was great.  Thanks for the info.  However, I do have a comment on your' No Hell' theory.  I was reading over 2 Thessalonians.  In 1:9 my Bible reads 'They will be punished in everlasting hell', talking about those who are persecuting Christians.  I am assuming the translation would have to be pit, hell would just be another word for pit.
        COMMENT:  Actually the word "hell" is not found in II Thes. 1:9. King James reads: "...punished with everlasting destruction...."  Read my paper: "Is EVERLASTING Scriptural" found on our home page. No one is punished, or destroyed, or tortured eternally or everlastingly.
        Just wondering....
        Also, have you heard that NASA has been finding these massaive black holes with millions of hot suns in them. To me that sounds like a pit with fire in it.   2Thess 1:6
        COMMENT: I don't see a correlation between 'a pit with fire' and II Thes. 1:6? Actually, it is hard to say there are hot suns and fire in black holes, or they wouldn't be black.  All galaxies [billions and billions] including our own Milky Way Galaxy have black holes.  They appear to actually be a necessary part of any galaxy, where matter is sucked in with such gravitational intensity that even light cannot escape, and whole suns are crush down to the size of a grain of sand.
        God be with you,

        Thanks for your time

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