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Author Topic: Trinity  (Read 5606 times)

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« on: February 10, 2007, 11:50:56 PM »

    forgive me if I am coming to this discussion late. I stumbled upon your site just recently.
    I don't know why it is so hard to understand the concept of Trinity.
    If you are in a family (as you say in on your site that God is part of a family) then it is completely possible to be a father, a son, a brother and an uncle all at the same time. Each of these identities describe who you are. You are not 4 separate people, you are just one person but you are identified in four different ways. And each of those identities has a different job and a different relationship with different people. But you are still one person.  If we, mortal humans, can live this way, why is it so hard to believe that God doesn't?
    And yes, the word Trinity is not mentioned anywhere in the bible. So what? Neither is the word bible. And yet, it exists. It is less important what you call it and more important that you understand the concept. If you wanted to, you could rename the Trinity , The Three God-migos if you wanted.  It really doesn't matter.  The concept is still the same. One God, three identities. And with the three identities come different purposes that they serve. Just as your roles as a father are different from your roles as an uncle, God's role as father is different than His role as son and Holy Spirit.
    And while the idea that God can be three-in one may be hard to grasp, so is the the idea of a self-existent God. If you can get your mind around the idea that God was not created, nor did He create Himself but is in fact, self-existent (that is, He has always existed) then you should be able to understand the concept of "the Trinity".
    There is one place in the bible where all three persons of the Trinity show up. And that is after the baptism of Jesus. He (Jesus, God the Son) comes out of the water and a dove (God, the Holy Spirit) lands on His shoulder and then God the Father speaks.  Three different identities, all one God.
    If you were to go to a family event with your parents, sister, niece and daughter, you would be a father, son, uncle and brother all at the same time, in the same place, performing different functions but still, only one person.

    Dear Nameless:
    The problem is not how to understand how one thing (such as water) can be in three forms: water; water vapor; and ice. That is not a problem The problem is that God is NOT, WATER, WATER VAPOR, AND ICE, and neither is he a BROTHER, FATHER, AND SON. It is nonsense. It is "theology." But it is NOT SCRIPTURAL.  And since when does God and His Holy Spirit, "perform DIFFERENT functions?" Again, an unscriptural assertion. There IS NO TRINITY OF THREE PERSONS in God's divinity, and I don't care if you liken Him to an egg: yoke, yellow, and shell. It's still all unscriptural NONSENSE. is PAGAN!!!
    God be with you,
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