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Author Topic: Church  (Read 4328 times)

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« on: February 10, 2007, 11:52:52 PM »

    Our Preacher talked for 40 min’s about us being equal to God (as taken from Psalm 82) and that we have the power over sickness so therefore we can heal. My wife and I have only been going to this Church for only a few Months and now we find they are or should I say, claim to be a healing Church and talking in tongues is also practiced. Why am I there, well I have been ask to leave our home Church because I don’t believe in Hell being preached as a place of eternal Hell Fire Torture and God would torment us night and day for ever and ever.. Our x-preacher has said over and over, "we are going to live forever and it is our choice to either live with God in Heaven or burn in Hell forever". I was called unpleasant name’s and asked to go, with this I said “don’t worry I am going anyway“. I simply refuse to hear My God being portrayed any way other than a loving God that he truly is.

    Ray, My Wife is sick and now I am finding, I don’t have faith or I could heal her. This is basically what I was told on my last visit (notice I said last visit) I was shown the King James Bible and told the answer is in the Scripture. I might add, they also believe the whole issue of Hell and yes they are always asking for money based on our income, here we go again.

    I studied your paper on Hell and agree with you as this has been My belief for over two year’s now, sorry it has taken Me this long to find the truth. I am now reading everything you post so, God be with you.

    I have been blessed with the truth

    Roy with no Church

    Dear Roy:

    You don't need a church when you learn that YOU ARE THE CHURCH.  God is wherever you are, so don't feel deserted.

    God be with you,


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