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Author Topic: Truth?  (Read 4515 times)

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« on: February 10, 2007, 11:55:09 PM »

> I have read some of your articles, and some intriguing
> emails, with interest.
> Such subjects as whether or not the devil is really a
> good angel turned bad, or predestination vs. free
> will, or a need vs. no need for salvation, or whether
> God has some as yet fully unknown plan for the
> universe, are what good superstitions are made of.
> I have been influenced by Christian dogma most of my
> life. Too many conflicting opinions, claims, threats.
> You are among the more enlightened, however. Now, if
> you can just realize that the Bible is
> human-constructed, nothing divine or inerrant about
> it, and used for centuries as a tool of control as
> well as education, then you will be truly enlightened,
> at least as far as man-made documents are concerned.
> (After all, the Qur'an, the Gita, the Upanishads--some
> older than the Bi ble--claim to be Truth as well.)
> But I doubt that will happen. If you are convinced
> that the Bible is in fact the inerrant word of God,
> that it is Ultimate Truth, then you are in no
> position--anymore than anyone else--to teach that
> Truth. You cannot know it. Ever. Your brain is not
> wired to even completely understand itself, let alone
> some cosmic Mind that created all the Bible stuff for
> some "ungodly" reason. If He is indeed the True
> Creator, He is a monster indeed. And I would rather
> spend an eternity in Hell than a moment with that
> Beast. Just my opinion.
> Here is the truth:
> I stand here, not knowing who, what, or why I am. I
> look out, but am I really looking out? Or am I
> creating out? I hear, but do I really hear, or is it
> just my brain creating an illusion? I feel, but is it
> real, or am I responding t o some ancient need to
> pretend to feel? Is there truly a universe out there,
> or have I created it, along with you and all things,
> in my own head? Can I ever know for certain?
> Mostlikely not. Can you? No. No way for you to know
> that you are in a world crowded with others, or if you
> are completely alone, creating all this to keep
> yourself company--and from going mad.
> Believe what you want; it ain't the Truth!
> When some old book or manuscript make such claims as
> Ultimate Truth, which the Bible does not do by the
> way, you can bet it is false teaching. When people
> claim to know any kind of Ultimate Truth, again you
> can say with fair certainty that it is false teaching.
> I applaud you for your stand, for your reach, for your
> integrity. Just remember that neither you, nor other
> Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists , Jains,
> Sikhs, Taoists, nor I know anything of Ultimate Truth,
> if such thing exists.
> Richard

Dear Richard:
You talk of "Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists," etc.,
as though they were real people. I thought they are all illusions?
And you yourself are an illusion to yourself?  How Great must
be the Creator of such an illusion that even makes you believe
(at least at times such as this) it is may even be REAL?  Perhaps
this illusion Creator is actually revealing Himself to a Few of His
creatures now, and more later, and finally all, and that there is
a destiny that makes perfect sense. You look at the stupidity of
all religions and conclude that if there is a God He would have to
be likewise stupid, or worse: evil. What if there is a perfectly good
reason for stupidity and evil that you have not as yet comprehended?
What if God is such a Genius that He really is using the stupid people
of this world to confound the mighty (I Cor. 1:27)?  What if God is
like this, and not at all like what wise men think God would HAVE
to be like in order to "BE God"?  What if we have a sense of humor
because GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR, and people like you,
Richard, are the butt of God's joke?  We'll all have a good laugh and
be glad that God is as He is, and not as wise men think He should be.
God be with you in your quest for Truth,
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