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Author Topic: Church?  (Read 1806 times)

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« on: February 18, 2007, 08:11:58 PM »

I have written to you a few times over the years and you were very kind in emailing me answers.  I am now living in Birmingham, Al as my husband was told he had prostate cancer, he came here for treatment.  He just finished treatment and insurance refuses to pay altho they were asked by provider prior to treatment and was told yes, it was covered.  Now they say they type of radiation used is not covered altho they failed to mention this before.   I have a trach tube, have for over 20 years due to a mistake during stomach surgery and my voice box is frozen, I can speak although drs. say it is impossible for me to do so.  While here in B'ham I saw an ENT dr. who wants to do 3 surgeries over a 6 month period which would leave me speaking near normal and no trach tube and better able to breath.  This is not what I am emailing you about, however.&nbs p;  I WAS WONDERING IF YOU KNEW OF ANY CHURCH IN BIRMINGHAM THAT I WOULD WANT TO ATTE ND.  I KEEP WANTING TO GO BUT I KNOW THEY WOULD NOT WANT ME THERE AND I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR MOST OF WHAT THEY TEACH, IT RATHER MAKES ME ILL TO THINK OF GOING.  Over the past year we moved from TN, selling our home to move to WA state to be near our children and grands, they were transfered to WI and we moved there for two months, then we moved to FL for two months and finally to Birmingham, Alabama.   I pray you are feeling better.  I really enjoy your writings.  It really was a good thing when I "happened" upon your website.  It was wonderful.  People speak so much evil of you when they do not agree, your answers to them are very good.  God has given you some great gifts and you have used them to bless others.  Thanks for listening to me.   I am saddened in that a sister of mine has "grown" so from reading and searching so many books which she says the Lord told her to which teach about other gods, that He told her that w as ok to do.  I told her that God would never tell you to go looking for another god, He is jealous and there are no other gods.  When I found your website some years ago I shared with her and she felt as I did.  She loved your website and your writings.  Something happened to her along the way.  Thanks for your writings,  I appreciate them and you so much.  I for pray you and yours.  Wanda

        Dear Wanda:

        Sorry, but I don't know of a church I would recommend in Birmingham, or here in Mobile, or Atlanta, or anywhere else for that matter. We will probably have Bible Conference in Nashville this Spring, so possibly you could come.  We will pray for the success of your operations should you go ahead with them. Let us know how you do.

        God be with you,

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