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« on: February 20, 2007, 08:40:48 AM »

Where DO they come from?

Good and Evil is a matter of opinion therefore a person who does good sees
other do evil alas one who does evil sees himself doing good deed sees
others doing evil. God, satan, Zeus, Jesus, allah, and all other so called
supreme beings do not exist. They only exist because people are to weak to
claim themselves strong and need to create a being to guide them or to
control one other. it has always been that way. power comes from within the
earth itself and the mind to humans and animals alike. people claims to see
ufos aliens, bigfoot, lost dinosaurs, wormholes, etc see my point. you
among others are what my people consider lost hope, a race doomed to destroy
themselves in their own beliefs that will never be. the world will fall and
eventually perish, my people will have religious zealots to thank for. More
deaths and chaos are attri buted to religious than any other. there is
nothing i can do for you except feel pity for your people who just will
never achieve true freedom of their potiental. Have a nice day. J
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