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Author Topic: Elijah and other ??s  (Read 5015 times)

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Elijah and other ??s
« on: February 24, 2007, 05:11:25 PM »

        Dear Ray,
        I'll try to keep this brief, as I know your are busy.
        I have read all of your installments and most of the emails to you.  I agree with most of what you have written, and what I am not sure of, I can't ,scripturally, disprove your writings.  But I do have a couple of questions that maybe you can explain, if you have time.
        1. Where did Elijah go when he was caught up in the whirlwind?
        COIMMENT:  The Scriptures do not tell us exactly where he landed, but he was transported to a different location where he later sent a letter:  II Chron. 21:12).
        2. What Happened to the multitude of saints that came out of the grave with Jesus?
        COMMENT:  Same thing that happened to everyone who was resurrected in those days. They lived out their lives and died.
        3. Are we not made up of body, soul, and spirit?  I realize that the spirit goes back to God who gave it, and the body goes back to the dust.  Where does the soul reside after death? I recall the scripture that says "Fear him who is able to put both body and soul in hell (hades).
        Josephus wrote of a place where the soul goes after death, a holding area if you will.  The righteous are supposed to be in a place of rest, and the wicked, a place of discomfort.
        I have long believed that men, both good and bad will not receive their reward until the judgement seat of Christ.
        I often use the analogy of someone who has been arrested for a crime.  He is incarcerated, (a place of discomfort), but does not receive his sentence until he has been found guilty. Never-the-less, he is still being detained.  Whether this has any merit or not, I have often wondered if it is the so for those who die sinners.
        I read a book by a doctor named George Richie years ago called, Return From Tomorrow.  In it he accordingly died for a number of minutes, and during that time, the Lord took him to different places where he saw tormented souls and righteous ones as well.  They were dis-embodied.  The unrighteous were tormented by addictions, hatred, etc., and the righteous were in a place of rest reading the oracles of God.
        Maybe you can give me your thoughts on these questions.
        COMMENT: When you have a question it is better to ask it rather than try and teach all that you have heard on the subject. I explained this thoroughly in my last Installment on Hell Part C. Man is "made up" as you put it of body and spirit. Soul is not an ingredient. Soul is the RESULT of uniting the spirit with the body. God made man of the dust of the ground and breathed His spirit into Adam, and then Adam BECAME A LIVING SOUL. God did not put "a soul" inside of Adam. When men die, the spirit returns to God, for spirit does not die. The body returns to the dust of the ground. The soul goes (that is ceases) to exist and is said to be in "sheol" or "hades" which is the realm of death, it is not a geographical location. Man has no memory or thoughts in death (Ecc. 9:5, etc., etc.).
        I pastor a small church in northern New York, and I have use quite alot of your material in teaching the people. Especially concerning the "free will myth".  I have had alot of rejection from other "christians" when I try to share some of your teachings with them.
        COMMENT:  Yes, I've experience that a few hundred times. What's so great about it, however, is that it is major major proof of God and His spiritual truths. The carnal mind just cannot and will not accept spiritual truth no matter how plain one makes it to them, unless and until God supernaturally opens their mind to receive it.
        God be with you,

        Thank you for any response you may be able to give.
        Pastor David Swift (former roofer and sider)

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