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Author Topic: Free Will?  (Read 5101 times)

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Free Will?
« on: February 24, 2007, 05:18:06 PM »

    ust read your words on DR. Kennedy's sermon about Denying God's
    responsibility to save Africans.

    Honestly, I really think you are a great thinker (albeit, a little
    incendiary...I'll simply categorize it as passionate...). So I want to make
    sure I understand what you are saying and the subsequent lens through which
    additional thought would be viewed:

    Free will is not psychologically possible, as all effects have causes. So
    free-will is just a puffed-up illusion. Hopefully I haven't already
    derailed. Additionally, if I understand correctly; God is the cause agent of
    all things. In other words, he is responsible for all things including my
    circumstances, and I can choose within those circumstances- yet not freely
    because I am only really choosing based on internal and external influences
    which are fundamentally controlled by God.

    Two questions:

    One, do I have it? (If not, I would love a brief correction if you have

    Two, if I do have it- what's the use of your paper? Can it affect what's
    determined in Dr. Kennedy? Following that, more questions I guess- was the
    paper your idea or God's? Therefore, was the his sermon his or God's. Is
    God, through his sermon and your paper, arguing with Himself? This, of
    course, leads to gospel sharing to getting out of bed at all. Why?

    As facetious as this all sounds, I truly need help understanding.

    Thanks for ruining a perfectly good night's sleep (I don't know if I am
    saying that to you or to God.....oy....)


    P.S. I read your credentials. Made me smile. I appreciate your candor and
    trust God's Spirit as you do. Please note, Jesus wasn't a carpenter. He was
    a tecton. Probably more of a construction worker- working primarily with
    stone. By the looks of the heart of man, by necessity- that's always been
    his trade. Thanks again for your work.

    Dear Steve:
    CARPENTER:  Strong's #5045, tekton, 'specifically a
    carftsman IN WOOD'
    Yes, you have basically stated the facts correctly, however
    your conclusion is erroneous.
    You agree to believe that God does control all things in
    the Universe, but then suggest, therefore GOD DOESN'T
    suppose it is that God DOES all the things He does?  He
    causes things to happen by the circumstances of His creation.
    I HAD to write my papers, even though from my perspective,
    it was I who volunteered to do so. And my paper has already
    had a profound effect on thousands of people's thinking with
    regards to Dr. Kennedy's evil and unscriptural sermons.
    You can't decide to stay in bed and stop living unless it has
    already been predetermined before the foundation of the world
    that this is the course you MUST TAKE.  We ARE the actors
    on God's stage of life, and we WILL perform as God directs.
    God be with you,

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