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Author Topic: Thankful  (Read 1759 times)

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« on: February 24, 2007, 08:14:43 PM »

I cannot begin to thank you enough! As a teen and young adult I was
obsessed with the bible, the word of God, and the truths therein. I
always felt as though I was being guided while reading and learning.
Most of what I have read on your web-page were truths that I came to my
own conclusions about, and agree with. As I grew into adulthood I
decided that I should attend more churches and have a fellowship with
my christian brothers and sisters. Previously it was just me, my bible,
my faith in salvation through Christ, and God. I should have left well
enough alone. Upon m y attendance to many churches I was told, by what I
assumed were more learned men, that my views and beliefs were nothing
short of heresy. One establishment even said that such beliefs were
proof of possession. Being shunned and scorned by my peers was a
tremendous emotional blow; so I went back to my solitary life of study
and worship. But because of these experiences I began to have doubts
about my own sanity, faith, and salvation. As I mentioned though I
always felt guided and decided that if it be insanity be it. I
recently stumbled across your web-page. Upon reading, it was like
reading my own pre-existing thoughts and views already in print! I
don't know if you can imagine the feelings generated by this
experience, but I cannot honestly thank you enough! Mike
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