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Author Topic: Long Winded Wolf  (Read 2375 times)

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Long Winded Wolf
« on: April 10, 2006, 02:40:18 PM »

     I realize the chances are better than slim that this correspondence will be lost in the piles of others you will receive today,and that is okay. I am writing today only to very unspecifically comment on your site and the things I have read there.
    One cannot be expected to have the same knowledge as another might without the same exact library and schedule of study ( and probably even then it would be quite reasonable to expect that those two would understand differently and retain differently the literature they read based on the way their brains worked, their particular interests, perhaps their already held beliefs, etc.), among many other variations of environment and so forth. So I would not expect even in my own church to find two people that had the same level of understanding of the scriptures or the same exact interpretation even though they are reading the same bible and hearing the same speakers as their base of knowledge. That is part of being human. Humanity equals imperfection, or at least very handily proves its existence several billion times a day.
    So, using that notion ( that we know different levels of knowledge of the scriptures based on age, experience, etcetera), not just for reading your literature, but also for dealing with a self-absorbed society who tend to believe what is easiest or most popular or already held to be true by the greater portion of their family or whatever, I tried to take your writings first "with a grain of salt", so as to be as open-minded as possible to what you were saying and the points you were trying to make. Honestly, I would not have even been on your site were it not for the sake of a curious mind interested in a greater knowledge of the scriptures, or more accurately, of the God that is spoken of throughout them.
    You seem to have flown slightly past forming your own views on the content of the many bibles you have studied, and leaned more toward an entirely different take on what has been written in the scriptures (from long before any of the writings we claim are so accurate and infallible even existed) then God may even have intended. At times you are very close to making an in arguably good point on one subject or another, only to then veer into the dangerous waters you so vehemently scorn the mass clergy/ ministries for occupying; you attempt to place your own beliefs and interpretations on what you have read as if they were fact. You quite often (justifiably) point out your own fallibility as if that should be enough to cover any mistakes you may have made while you were on one tear or another, but we must remember that although it is human to err, it is civil and loving to apologize and make reparations for those mistakes, and far better even to forgive others theirs before they have even requested it. The point here being something along the lines of "Let the one who has not sinned be the first..."
    So I did not intend to, but I got a bit long winded. I am surely going to have more to say after reading more of your literature. but I should point out that it may be quite a long time before you do hear from me again. My usual study principle is to avoid extremists and/ or fanatics to search for truth, and stick more to the slightly less biased opinions that are usually formed by those who have specialized in a truly historical view of the bible and its contents, or people who want to know the deeper backgrounds of the writings it contains, the persons who were alive when it was written, and the writers themselves. I think that it is still possible to have a biblical view that you hold to be faith inspiring, and yet need to constantly reassess the reasons for that at the same time. I think that the ever changing face of the world as we know it and the mass quantities of unaccessed knowledge still coming to light each and every day in remote parts of the world, which we as laymen may not even have access to for a, or many, decades, should be inexcusable points for humility when discussing or being confronted about our beliefs or understandings of a bulk of writings which as far as I can tell we do not have enough original copies of to definitively state that we hold a truly non-corrupt bible.
    And, finally, though I am sure my little rant will elicit some kind of opinion from you,you will undoubtedly make a decision to either delete this e mail (maybe before you even read it, in which case I wasted my time significantly more than I even now believe!),it should be noted that you were not forced to decide to keep or discard this-you decided, without outside force or input- via your awn free, individual will. Free will led you to start your site,not Godly intervention. You made that choice through perceived need that was more likely desire, and perhaps now that you are there, and you are already a recognizable figure where you have placed yourself, the only real reason I probably even wrote this was to express the fact that I as one outsider looking in, with some but all of the same beliefs (which I will definitely express more fully at another time), can only ask that you open you mind and heart as fully as possible to the ones writing to you. You have a wonderful chance to open other minds and hearts with your words and studies, but only as long as you can listen to what the people are saying to you, and not discourage a person who otherwise may have set out on their own search for the greater truth that you believe you have found.
     Something to consider if you don't already. I always keep this in mind when I am discussing any aspect of anything I believe in.
     This is not what I always believed to be true- so what more is there out there that I don't already know, and can I really say that what I believe now is the only and most accurate truth?
      Keep studying (I am sure that I do not have to say that, so please do not feel talked down to) and keep writing, and truly I am glad to know you are questioning the mass opinion. I am neither learned by schooling nor blinded by an overbearing ministry or clergy. I am simply a God-fearing curious minded intelligent man bent on one day being able to say that I know my God is the true one and that I am giving Him reverence the way He truly want s me to. That is my drive, and that is my reason.
Respectfully,    Jay

Dear Jay:

I read carefully the first half of your email and then skimmed to the end. It is not necessary that you write me anything further.

God be with you,

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