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Author Topic: Reply From Craig  (Read 5882 times)

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Reply From Craig
« on: April 10, 2006, 02:42:59 PM »

Hello Ray,
My apologies if I had assumed something that wasn't there. I never received your final rebuttal, but found it on your forum. I don't appreciate sarcasm, as it does not help me learn a thing so I had to go through an interpreter who rather explained to me what you said without some of the terms you had said. If I feel I am being insulted, I am not open to receiving any correction or even correspondence.

I still respect you and your ministry, though for a while there I was questioning why because of the hurtful things that came out of the forums which is hosted on your site. Though encouraged by many who have said good things and did not think badly for me not agreeing with your assessment of John 11:26, I will say plainly that I agree everyone must die. I realized afterwards, I was speaking cryptically and not plainly as I said to Dennis Vogel.

 Plainly, everyone must die and everyone will be in the grave. I don't think I need to go any further into it because it would serve no purpose. Again I apologize because I did over-reacted, I don't think myself that highly I was only being sarcastic myself when I said I feel honored to be talked about in this manner, truth be told I really don't care to be known all I care about is Jesus and walking with Him in forgiveness and grace, leading as example to others.

It really didn't appear that my words or actions were Christ-like. As I said, one day I hope to meet you in person and thank-you for your obedience to the spirit in writing what you have... in almost every facet the Lord showed me what He has shown you concerning Revelation, the Beast, Wrath etc. and your writings from the Holy Spirit are confirmation to the good news that is planted in my heart and yours.
God Bless.
Craig (aka Student of the Word)

Dear Craig:
It's okay, Craig, I harbor no ill feelings toward anyone. The important thing is that you learned, and you are man enough to admit error. There is much that we must all yet learn. I am an expert and authority on nothing. I make no claims to fame or accomplishment. I am a semi-retired roofer (I still need to supplement my meager retirement), who has a few things to say about the Scriptures and Christendom. Hopefully some of what I write will be helpful to at least a few. I believe that God has given me an understanding of the basics. The details are yet to be filled in. I have yet many things to write about as well as many new things to learn and a few old things yet to unlearn. May God bless our humble efforts to do justice to His Word, and to live godly lives in this wicked eon.
God be with you,
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