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« on: March 13, 2007, 08:42:26 AM »

        Hi Ray,

        It's Tom from Miami again, hope you remember me from several months ago. I have been very busy traveling around the world as a member of an aerospace industry committee to ensure that avionic equipment maintains current reliability levels in light of efforts to remove lead (pb) from electronic parts and assemblies.

        I have been reading your series on free will again and it is helping me tremendously to get through my "fiery trials". Thanks again for "freely" sharing this wealth of spiritual knowledge that God has given you. There are just a few general points I need to clear up and would like your opinion, and a few points where I have comments or do not fully agree with your perspective.

        1. Since we know that Satan was created to be the adversary, what about the angels who are in chains awaiting judgement (Jude) and/or who kept not their original habitation (2 Peter)? They obviously rebelled against God at some point. And obviously those who are chained are not active messengers of Satan.

        2. I am not so sure that the trial by fire in 1 Corinthinas 3 is the same as the lake of fire at the end of Revelations. Yes, they both are judgements by fire for all, but there are important (to me) differences. In 1 Cor. Paul is obviously talking about "all we" Christians (real or phoney) who build on the foundation he lays. Those judged in the (Revelation) lake of fire's names were not written in the book of life. There could be some overlap for those who cry "Lord, Lord" but never knew Him, but true Christians from this age will be resurrected and perfected (which begins in this life for them) 1000 years earlier, as I understand it. The evidence that you present against eternal punishment is still overwhelming without this comparison. Maybe I'm missing something, or there could be two trials by fire, just as there will be two resurrections. Please advise.

        3. Regarding, your recent article about 9-11 and the towers falling, I don't believe that one can discount conspiracy theories. There are so many holes and unexplained facts associated with the official version of what happened. It is clear to me that explosives were placed in those buildings ahead of time and they were demolished. Building 7 wasn't even hit and went down in a controlled fashion, with the owner admitting in a PBS documentary that they had to "pull it", a term used by demolitionists for taking down a building. Just thought I'd mention this, as I have sent many people to your site, and most who have a mind that can question what we have been brainwashed to believe (i.e. your loyal supporters) have figured this out. If you want me to send you tons of reliable information (yes, there is a lot of deliberate misinformation), I will be glad to do so.

        Well, that's it for now. Hope all is well with you and your family. Peace and blessings through Christ our Lord.


        Dear Tom;

        I would love to chat with you for a few hours on these subjects, but I just don't have the time. We really need to be very very careful before we accept people's theories about things. And we need to be careful about suggesting that there are words in Scriptures that are not there at all. The thing about rebellious angels is far to big a subject for an email. As for I Cor. 3 you suggest that it is speaking ONLY "all we Christians."  The words "all we" or "all us" or "all believers," are not found in I Cor. 3. But we do find these words:  "EVERY man" (verse 8; "EVERY man" (verse 10); "ANY man" (verse 12); "EVERY man's work" (verse 13);  "ANY man's work" (verse 14); "ANY man's work" (verse 15).

        I would agree that these verses are speaking "especially" (I Tim. 4:10) of believers, but NOT EXCLUSIVELY.  You might just as well suggest that "ALL men" in I Tim. 2:4 is speaking ONLY of "all believing Christian men."

        As for the 9/11 conspiracies, I am well aware of the fact that our government does not tell us everything and seldom the whole truth on many things, but that fact does not support all the conspiracy theories regarding 9/11.  The term "pull it" did not refer to "start the demolition," but rather to "get the men out." As for all the demolition explosions as the towers fell, as the upper floors crushed the floors beneath, of course it would sound like explosions. In an INSTANT, not in a second, but in an instant each floor was flattened, and the air inside had to go either down and/or OUT as it was flattened. And this certainly would have sounded like many explosions.

        Were all the people on those planes bogus?  Were all the relatives on those planes bogus? If they were remotely flown by our government as the theorists contend, then did the plane over Pennsylvania malfunction, or did the United States Government really plan to totally destroy a couple of acres of pasture in the backwoods of Pennsylvania?  You need to think a little more rationally about these conspiracy theories.

        God be with you,


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