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Author Topic: Thank You  (Read 2010 times)

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Thank You
« on: March 15, 2007, 09:57:35 AM »

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for all the insight. I said the "sinners prayer" at age 8 , and have spent the last 30+ years following the teachings of the "christian" church. I led others in the "sinners prayer" ( though I couldn't find one in the bible), I tithed, etc. I started out as a baptist, then went to "charismatic pentecostal".
    I recently prayed to God, and requested the truth, and nothing but the truth. I was later browsing the net and saw a link that said something like " how you can prove hell doesn't exist". I said to myself "yeah, right. this ought to be good..." I clicked that link which brought me to your site. Then I started reading...
    THANK YOU... upon reading the content, I have been converted... I am now a BELIEVER that Jesus Christ IS the savior of the WHOLE world... ESPECIALLY them that BELIEVE !!!
    I have gone from bondage to freedom, fear to joy... I FINALLY GOT SAVED !!! The whole bible now makes more sense than it EVER did. I have not used your site as a sole source of research, but have looked into this myself... in depth ( in as much as possible). I have looked within myself and found that to also witness to the truth.
    If you think about it, If out loving creator, who IS love, and who NEVER fails, were to cast most of humanity into a fiery hellhole of never ending punishment, then wouldn't that of necessity mean that all it's (hell ) inhabitants were also eternally unforgiven, and that God was eternally unmerciful?
    I find it greatly offensive that those who believe in hell have turned our loving creator into a god who is eternally unmerciful and unforgiving ( not to mention a failure (which I would guess also makes him imperfect... hmmm)). In my opinion we are no longer even talking about the same god. Theirs is NOT mine. My God IS love. His mercy endures FOREVER, and he shall NEVER fail !!! Jesus did NOT drop the ball, and God has NOT had to move to plan B. Things are just the way he wants them to be. I DO believe in judgement, and reaping what we sow, both now and later. I would be interested in your thoughts on judgement after this life here on earth.
    Words of encouragement for me are " whom the Lord loved he chastens and rebukes, and scourges EVERY son whom he recieves". I'm really not looking forward to that scourging part, but I AM looking forward to the fruit it bears, knowing that God himself provides the increase. How great must his plans be for us after we are purified ! I can't wait to be a part of his plan after this life.
    My focus has changed from the here and now, to eternity.
    Fight the good fight, keep up the good work..

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