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Author Topic: Thanks  (Read 1862 times)

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« on: March 16, 2007, 10:30:53 PM »

Thank you again for responding to my email.  The one thing that I do miss is fellowship but it's hard to find like minded people and it's really hard to be unevenly yoked.  Most of the former WWCG members are mainstream now, there are a few die hards, like my mother in law, who still feel superior to the rest of us because they insist on "keeping the Law".  You have no idea how uplifted my spirit was when I found your site and continued to devour your writings.  My eyes are seeing and my ears are hearing and it's an incredible experience.
The reason that I found your site initially was that a former WWCG member that I had knows killed his family and himself recently and I was pretty shaken and devastated.  I was looking for the WWCG site to see if they had anything reassuring to say, saw your site and the rest was history!
Thanks again.  When the sites I use ask for security questions like your favorite author and book, I always list God as my favorite author and the Bible as my favorite Book!  I study a lot and appreciate the amount of time and dedication you commit to your studies and site and the care you take and while this is God's will for you, you do carry it out with integrity and love and truth.  You are truly blessed!
Thanks again.
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