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Author Topic: Good Testimony / Reincarnation?  (Read 4825 times)

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Good Testimony / Reincarnation?
« on: March 20, 2007, 06:03:14 PM »

Thanks to you and your courage or for a better word "Faith" to guide you
to the search for Truth.
I knew from childhood that something was wrong with the church and even
the Preachers when time after time, I would see the
Hypocrisy and same old scenario played out. The first is when I was
maybe 6 or 7 years old. The Preacher spent a good while letting us know
that smoking would send you directly to hell- the Preacher was caught
smoking later that day behind the church. Then, at another church, the
sermon was about love thy enemy and turn the other cheek as well as love
thy neighbor- the next week the Preacher was in a fistfight with another
Preacher in the parking lot. Drunken Preachers condemning drinking,
cussing Preachers pointing the finger at cussers. There were the people
as well (of the church) who were the most damning and judging to almo st
everyone they encountered. I saw hatred from such loving souls.?
I began to question at an early age the direction we were taking and
oddly enough during my teen years, I would do my praying at a beautiful
spot by a lake at 4 in the morning, a 45 minute drive away from home.
That's when my thoughts began to change during this prayer and
meditation. There were just too many unanswered questions and since we
were taught not to question the Bible or the Preachers, there was no
where to turn but to the Lord for answers. Needless to say, I got in all
kinds of hot water with a lot of folks for stating my feelings and ideas
I got from talking with God. I found out how shallow and close minded
some folks can be.
It made no sense to me that someone (God) who was so perfect could
create anything "imperfect"- it's impossible. Perfect, being without any
fault cannot fault by creating imperfection. There must then be a reason
for t h e imperfection and if there is, then it's....Perfect! Well what do
you know?? There it is! But no one wanted to hear it or cared.
Imperfection was the devils fault- not a divine plan. !! Try to get a
Preacher to talk about how God created Evil and there is a purpose for
creating Satan.
I could never understand how something as important as being "Saved" and
determining our "eternal" afterlife could be accomplished in a few years
on earth. What about those who die young? What about those on the Earth
who have never had the chance? Is Gods love for me as strong as my love
for my parents? My wife? My children? His love must be more absolute. So
how is it that my loved ones would never see eternal punishment from me
should they even do the most horrific thing against me, yet we see God
who's love is greater do this to someone else? I have been burned before
and it hurts with unbearable pain, even I would not be able to condemn
H it ler to an eternity of such suffering. To begin with, what good would
that do? What purpose would it serve? None! It would be my hope that he
would turn away from his ways and adopt love in his heart. After all,
laws won't make a person good, only the fear of punishment keeps them
from doing bad, but they will be the same person inside and do wrong if
they can get away with it. The same as the fear the church puts in man.
The fear of punishment. Take away the fear and the bad people will just
go back to doing bad- they didn't change. We must change in our hearts,
then there need not be any laws to force people to be good, because we
are already good!
A good egg and a bad egg both look good from the outside. You must look
inside to see if it's foul. Folks seem to think that if they act good,
give money, make appearances, that they are putting another notch in the
road to heaven. God knows, who you are is on the inside- the inside is
not hidden to him by your shell. I get in trouble with people and
friends when we go to meetings, functions and such, because they spend
(waste) most of the time talking about themselves, what college they
went to, their wonderful deeds and praising themselves and the folks
they introduce. People sure love to have others admire them and when I
say so and how much "they sure like themselves"- I get .....hell! Ha!
Someone donates a lot of money to an organization?- you bet they will
let you know, and create an audience to hear it too! (laugh).
I've come to realize that you won't find spiritual truth and guidance
from people, but only from the Lord himself, so the church (the
building) isn't the answer, but your exclusive access to the Father in
Heaven by prayer.
I've always found it funny how people respond to prayer- If you talk to
God, that's great! But if God talks to you- you’re insane! Where did the
faith go?
I kno w you’re busy and I do apologize for this being so long. (I could
talk for hours) Thanks for reading this ( I'm in a hurry- so this isn't
well written (have air conditioners to fix)) and thanks for your
studying and sharing your hard work with all of us. God bless and keep
you forever.
*Can you inlighten me on the fact that God knew us before we were born
(on earth)? Would this relate to reincarnation or our presence in
heaven or just spiritually?

Dear Walter:

No, there is no such thing as human "reincarnation." Reincarnation is an ancient doctrine of the pagan Egyptians. God knew us from before the foundation of the world, not because we existed back then, but because we were IN HIS PLAN. God knew every person who would ever live, and when they would be born, and how long they would live, how they would live, etc., etc., etc.  And He didn't plan for any to perish, but that all will come to repentance and a knowledge of the truth (if not in this life, then in Judgment).

God be with you,

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